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  1. Ubi-Bene
    43.89m (144ft)
  2. Bella Mare-for-sale
    Bella Mare-for-sale
    38m (124.7ft)
    2008 / 2015
  3. GrandeMare-for-sale
    33m (108.3ft)
    2004 / 2015
  4. Deadelmare-for-sale
    28m (91.9ft)
    2009 / 2012
  5. Wicked Felina-for-sale
    Wicked Felina-for-sale
    34m (111.5ft)
    2004 / 2015
  6. Blues-for-sale
    30m (98.4ft)
  7. Glorious-for-sale
    36m (118.1ft)
  8. LaPerla-for-sale
    14.8m (48.6ft)
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As the natural cause, the yachting sector for the blue trip sea lovers advanced in an incredible speed. Basically, sailing yachts, motor boats, gulets and even catamarans have been in continous use for this this impeccable experiment for the sea lovers. Yet the most intensive use has been on the local produced gulets which is the specialty of the Aegean Sea.

Our company mainly started handling the charter business and later introduced the yacht sales for their customers. Accordingly the requiremet of our customers wishes directed us in getting us in the second hand yacht sales which has grown rapidly due to the technical knowledge of our naval staff.

We would be more than glad to consult and assist our clientelle with our knowhow and experience in trying to find the exact requirenwishesment of our customers’ wishes.

Our clients must take special care when trying to choose the appropriate boat for their use. Special attention should be determined on various parts, such as the hydraulic systems, the winches, the hull and the complete system must not be overlooked when purchasing used boats. This is specalty of the technical expertise of TurkYacht company.