Windy foreland Anamur

Anamur is a place where offers all beauties on behalf of holiday. City which was founded in antic era, because of getting usually wind it is taken this name ‘Anamurium’. This name means ‘windy foreland’.

Anamur offers an enjoayble holiday visitors with historical buildings and naturel beauties. City that has a past old, hosted many civilizations in the past. Thus, there are so many historical building and remains are waiting for visitors.

Anamur’s beaches are spawning ground of caretta caretta which endangered animals. There lives mediterranean seals in deserted and rocky regions. The town offers all shades of blue and green at the same time. Greeny forests where lives so many wild animal species. Beautiful beaches, Pullu mesire, Kosekbuku  cave and summer ranges are must seen places in Anamur.

Anamur have potential in makings of banana and strawberries. In city there must seen placesare: Mahmure castle, Anamurium antic city, Titiopolis antic city, Ala bridge, Ak mosque, historical houses, Azitepe ve Anamur Museum. Anamur offers unique beauties visitors with its nature and historical remains.

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