Turkish Coastline-1


Bodrum is one of the best starts for sailing around the Aegean sea-coast of Turkey. The Gökova Cove is accepted by almost everyone to be one of the best cruising zones in Europe. With superabundant sunshine, crystal clear glassy waters, endless blue skies which make your day better, good harbors and friendly, debonair people, This coast provides you many choices. There are many uncorrupted areas rich in natural beauty and coastal settlements and villages. It is still possible to see local people going about their actual lives in traditional Turkish village style. Bodrum gulet charter.


Ekincik is an unspoiled natural wonder, blessed with breathtaking beauty. It is uncrowded, pretty, and tranquil with a nice little beach nearby. The coastal road there is gorgeous too and is a good base for gulet charters and walking tours.


The Port of Patara, Xanthos (Esen) Creek received its present appearance due to silt deposits. Herodotus mentions the name of the city for the first time. As stated in a legend, Patara founded the city in the 5th or 6th century BC and the city got its name after him. According to mythology, Apollo, the God of Fine Arts, was born in Patara. Jesus’s disciple, St. Paul also boarded the ship to go to Rome from Patara! Historical records also document the birthplace of St. Nikolas, better known as Santa Claus, is Patara.

Yachts for Charter
35 m
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10 guests
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47 m
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12 guests
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38 m
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12 guests
rate from EUR 5000 per day
40 m
10 cabins
20 guests
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45 m
8 cabins
16 guests
rate from EUR 7500 per day