The best Turkey gulet charters for families with small kids

If you are interested in a family gulet charter in Turkey – keep reading. This is the best itinerary modified 100% for Families that priorities kids and their safety.

You know what they say.

Happy Kids = Happy Wife

Happy Wife = Happy Life

Different things matter to different groups. What is incredibly important on a charter for a group of active seniors is completely UNIMPORTANT to people going on a family gulet charter in Turkey with small kids.

We made a nice guiding where we explain in detail what is important for each type of groups.

To Sum it up – 80% of the time our “small children” groups were the happiest when:

1 – The kids enjoyed the gulet charter the most.

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2 – When gulet was safe and crew was “children oriented” and helpful.

3 – The gulet charter itinerary included lots of different beaches and spots perfect for kids.

4- When the gulet charter was organized in a way that also parents could take a breather.

These are the most important points from “parents side”. When we talked with gulet owners who have tons of experience, here is what they told us matters the most.

Charter Distances should be shorter – Less Motoring

When gulet is cruising from one destination to another for parents it usually means reading a nice book, having a cold beer or just taking a nap.

Forget about it if you are traveling with small children (especially if they had some sugar for breakfast :-))

While gulet is sailing or cruising children can do only 2 things:

a) Watch TV in the salon or on your computer in a cabin

b) Jump around gulet and play

When the gulet is moored in a nice bay the options for kids become almost unlimited (swimming, snorkeling, jumping in the sea, driving to the beach, water sports.


(More activities they have – more tired they will be in the evening – more relaxed and romantic evening for parents)

Easy Go – Easy Stay

The itinerary should not be 100% SET IN STONE and fixed. It should be short and flexible.

If the winds picks up or the  weather goes bad it should not be a problem. Gulet should always be in safe, secure places.

The open seas should be avoided. If you like to stay in 1 place for 2 days. stay there. If you wish to move to another place close by – you also do it.

Nice combination of beaches, towns, islands & interesting activities

The itinerary with children needs to make everyone happy.

a) Children need to be super active and happy during the day (lots of water sports options on board)

b) Extra activities are very welcome for all.

c) The route should have nice pebble beaches inside, where kids can play.

d) In the evening you should be in nice safe easy going towns, where you can take kids on a stroll or on a shopping spree or leave them on a gulet to watch TV and just have a nice trip alone with your wife.