Treasures of Greeks

Kos Island – 1

Kos Island is the first step of our fascinating adventure. Be ready to be surprised and prepare your camera!You`ll get great pleasure from walking in its wide streets, green parks and blossoming gardens.
The huge ancient (XV Century) castle of knights will meet the sea-travellers on the entrance of harbour. Near the port is an extensive archaeological area with ruins of buildings of the Hellenistic and Roman eras – Gimnasia, the Odeon, the Temple of Aphrodite, the Temple of Hercules, Roman baths and Roman villas with mosaic fragments. Aqueduct joins castle with a small area on which stands the ancient sycamore, according to legend, planted by Hippocrates.In the central square Elevterias (Liberty) is the Archaeological Museum, which gathered interesting exposition artifacts that illustrate the rich history of the island.
One of the most interesting attractions of the Kos are the ruins of an ancient temple Asklepios (god of medicine), where studied Hippocrates and his life was closely connected with an island. Ruins of a temple Asklepios are 4kilometers from thecapital of the island and it will take around 20-25 minutes to reach the Asklepios by car and about 30 minutes by bike.Perhaps the best option to get a tour and see the city at the same time – auto locomotive which runs on a schedule from the parking area near the port of Kos.
Having reached Askelepios bypassing the shady alley, a majestic view of the ancient complex opens in front of you. A walk in Asklepios will take about half of day so on the back way to town, if you are hungry, you`ll meet a small, pretty restaurant with affordable prices.
If from Askleypios go inland you will find the town Asfendiu . And the mountain Dikteo a will show spectacular panorama of the island , its beaches and the neighboring islands .Moving to a will bring you to the sandy beaches or Tinkaki Marmari ( about 5 km from Pili ) with restaurants, taverns, water sports center.
In the heart of the island, near the airport is Antimahia village, 3 km north of the tourist center of which is located MASTIHARI, and to the south – the resort of Kardamena. At the west of the island, 43 km from the town of the Kos is Kefalos located. Kefalos is famous about beautiful beaches of Kamari and Paradise Beach, the ruins of the ancient city, the monastery of St. John.

Another attraction of the island is Thermal Baths "??Agios Fokas" . You can reach the place by car, bus, bicycle or walking.Kos Island is a paradise for cyclists and " to ride with the wind ." On the island there is a possibility to rent a bike , motorcycle.

In the evening have a dinner in one of the beach side restaurants. Lunch or dinner usually costs 15-20 euros per person. Caught in a Greek tavern you can try the traditional Greek salad , which is maden from tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, onions , olives , olive oil , and of course fresh cheese made ??from sheep’s milk feta. Especially popular are fish and seafood dishes. Also there are many different patisserie shops. Surely try a Greece wine, because they are best known in Greece. Prices for wine in the store will be cheaper than in the restaurants. In any restaurant or tavern you can try a traditional greece drinks: Uzo (Ouzo) forty-degree anise vodka, Cancers – grape vodka , Metaxa – famous Greek brandy.</h4>

As for evening attractions , life on Kos abounds. Feature of night life on the island of Kos is its locality . Here you will not find many thousands of large-scale carnivals and festivals, but , instead of it, at the Kos island ( especially in its resort areas ) lots of clubs , taverns and cafes.</h4>

The atmosphere of the Kos are very warm and comfortable, here everyone knows each other and they are always happy to invite guests. Dinner and overnight on the Kos.

Gyali Island, Nisyros Island – 2

We will start our trip early in the morning and our goal is to visit the quaint stone island Gyali. The Gyali Island consists of thick layers of pumice-stone and obsidian and perlite, here is mining plant.Later, we`ll swim to the small island Agios Antonios and after we`ll stop in vulcano island Nisiros.

Most of the people, who is living here are old people, escaped from the hustle and enjoying with happy life.Around the little town Mandraki towering fortress of the knights of St.John and on the edge of the rock stands. Church of the virgin Cave( built in 1960) , it is patron Saint of the island.

1.5 km to the East from the capital city is located Loutra – resort, famous since ancient times for its healing springs, which are still in operation. To the East of Loutra is a picturesque fishing village Fell, immersed in the greenery of olive, fruit and trees, vineyards. The locals are mainly engaged in gardening and farming, so here you can eat natural food, grown on the fertile lands of Nisiros.

The main attraction of the island of Nisyros is a volcano. A scentists are saing the island was formed through a series of volcanic eruptions, which is unique in Greece. This is one of the active volcanoes in Europe since 1996 volcano has become more active, and earthquakes are not uncommon.The best way to see around is to rent a car or bike. Traditional souvenirs from Nisiros island is semiprecious stone obsidian which get from Gyali island.

Overnight and dinner on the island.

Tilos Island – 3

Tilos in fact, the island of four villages, one of which uninhabited. All houses in the village also are sacredly built by rules of Dodekanes architecture. Seaside &quot;prospectus&quot; conducts in Ayos-Stephane’s picturesque bay (Saint Stephane).In Livadya, it is the port town of island , it is possible to get the most important historical monuments of the island: with medieval Agriosikyas ruins ,built on an eminence, with ruins of an old Christian basilica, with Saint Nikolay’s church with magnificent frescos of the XIII century and Church of the Panagia of Politissa in Misokali’s town.

The most popular beach of Tilos is, perhaps, Eristos’s beach – a wide strip of granulated sugar send, and in a fertile valley of Eristos. Natural continuation of a beach of Eristos is the sandy beach of Plaka which especially we love for sea kind of sports. Tilos is a research of knight’s castles, the old churches which have taken cover in a shadow of oaks, plane trees, this touch to history through the remained frescos created by artists seven centuries ago.

Astypalea Island – 4

Astypalea – one of the most beautiful islands of Greece !
Butterfly Aegean Sea , as they call this island locals call for its shape. Astypalea located between the Cyclades and the Dodecanese , and combines itself with the features of these two districts.
From the air the island looks like a butterfly , the left of which is mountainous and almost treeless but below the right side is covered by forest .
Wonderful place for rock climbing and hiking through the narrow mountainous paths . Clean beaches , picturesque trees and neat buildings reminiscent of the Cyclades. Astypalea has a rich history , emphasizing the rugged beauty of the island.
Nice news for hikers seeking to climb into the most secret corners : Astypalea – almost the only one of the Greek islands , where there are no snakes. The fact that this island is very rich about springs and streams, too mach storks often come to the island, so they deleted all snakes on the island.

In the city center there are old Venetian fortress . Inside the fortress are two churches Virginia Annunciation and St. George.

Although Astypalea not so much a tourist spot in the town there are many bars with very different kind of music and institutions working until a morning. There are too many cozy taverns. From meat of hare and fish , seafood till a lobster , which can be ordered with the Italian style pasta Astipalea are famous. What about snacks there are delicious traditional cheeses and unusual taste butter with taste of cheese &quot; sinkafuro &quot;.
Nice habit of the islanders and visitors after a big celebration to climb up to the fortress to meet sunshine all together!

Santorini – 5

One of the most famous islands (and in fact , about 5 large and 12 small islands ) form a ring around the cosy bay. This is Santorini (Thira). Thouthands of tourist visiting this place with Yacht Charter Greece every year . The island’s population is about 13 402 people (2001). The administrative center of the island is located in Fira, with a population of about 1,500 people .

This is one of the oldest centres of civilization, it was inhabited by peoples in the 5th – 6th centuries BC. It formed one of the centres of the Minoan culture, but about 1647-1628 on the island there was a devastating volcanic explosion that resulted in the tsunami. Center island failed and formed a few islands around the lagoon .Thus, it is an explosion of Santorini caused the gradual extinction of a mighty civilization and perhaps became the basis of the legend of Atlantis, and the island for centuries was abandoned by people . But now this popular geological and historical monument is a unique document of existence of many cultures and it is so mach picturesque island an rather densely populated.

Traditional colours of Santorini – blue, white and other . The blue color symbolizes the sky – home of the gods , white – faith , justice, beauty and justice of people, and red ocher – the color of the earth and the volcano – the natural strength and power. These colors are painted not only at home , but also the churches. Each church has a bell tower . Morning and evening carillon is spread along all the villages and towns.

Beaches in Santorini spread on the outside part of the island. The sea is exceptionally clean and transparent . Black lava sand and volcanic pumice chippings is everywhere on beaches. Artemis Yacht is advising this places for diving.

The lands of this island is so mach beautiful that most of the motoryacht charters and yacht charters`s goal is to reach Santorini first of all. The main town of the island – Fira often called, like any other major city in the Cyclades – Hora . It stretches along the western coast of Santorini , south of Cape Tourlos and almost opposite the island of Nea Kameni . The main gate of Santorini – Located on the south-east coast town Kamarion ( Kamari ) , has good port and the airport on the island . The beach here , as throughout the east coast, long and covered with black volcanic sand , which in summer is literally heated on the sun .

Lie just to the west of the monastery of Panagia Episkopi – (XI c.) – The most important Byzantine monument of the island , as well as a great distillery Canava Roussos and long left villagers Exo Gonya . A north- west of the village is a small Kamariona Mesaria (Messara) , with its numerous churches and cathedrals , literally wedged into a narrow gorge.

At the Cape Mesa Vouno Arheyos lies the village of Tira , considered the first settlement founded by people on the island after the volcano accident (approximately 915 BC. E . ) . Here you can take a walk along the serpentine , leading from the hotel to the cliff and Antinea Zoodochou – Piyos church with a small cave , which is about one of the few sources of freshwater island, to the chapel of IV century BC. e . Temenos and bas-reliefs – Artemidoros ( cut here dolphin , eagle and lion symbolize Poseidon, Zeus and Apollo) , the ruins of the agora and theater.

But the main historical monument is undoubtedly lying on the north coast of the south-western tip of the island town of Akrotiri ( Akrot on , Akrotirion). Discovered during excavations here Minoan settlement , completely covered with a layer of volcanic ash , is one of the most striking and well-preserved monuments of the time. Two-and three-storey houses with unique frescoes clearly related Cretan style are unmatched – many of them have survived so complete that even the paint, which is not one thousand years , almost faded. Some of the murals are currently on display in Athens, although some of these superb ancient monuments can be seen in the collection of the Fund in the capital of the island of Thira .
Red Beach Akrotiri consists of pumice and lava. It became famous in the day on this coast was discovered the ancient Minoan city . However, for tourists to visit these excavations are closed. Most of all yacht charter Greece is brining a tourists here to swim and to joy in water sports !

Island of Nea Kameni and have the deadliest volcano. Curious tourists can reach the island by old sailboat.Grapes -almost the only culture which grows on the island. The world-famous Santorinian wine, which are particularly valued in tsarist Russia produced here for four hundred years. In the cellars of the best wineries of the island Santo Wines of the unique museum where all stages of production flavored drink. There’s also a tasting.

About yacht charter, the most important case is reliability and professionally of the company which we receive service. Yachts for rent have to be controlled and prepared for a season. Staff have to be genial, well trained and have to have criteria`s to give best quality and highest standard of service. Most of the yachts chosen from Artemis yachting for yacht charter Greece is fully equipped. In case of passengers necessitye, extra service may be added.Yacht charter cost can be flexible up to excluding services and comfort.

Paros Island – 6

Paros Island is located in the south western part of the Saronic Gulf, between the islands of Mykonos and Santorini.The highest mountain of the island – Profitis Ilias ( 771 m) rises in the center of Paros and the hills goes down to the coast with flat beaches.

History of Paros island goes to back centuries. Once it was the centre of an ancient Cycladic civilization . In antiquity, the island was famous as a place of production excellent Parian marble . For a long time the Venetians ruled Paros , then the Turks captured the island , and in the years 1770-1774 there was a fleet of Count Orlov and was the temporary capital of the &quot;Russian &quot; Cyclades.

Paros is one of the popular Greek island resorts – there are many excellent beaches. Among them stands out for its beauty Kolimbifres ( &quot; Fonts &quot; ) , bordered by high cliffs of unusual shape .

Paros is a favourite destination for fans of windsurfing. In the area of ??Golden Beach and adjacent bays are several stations. One of them ( in Nea Chrisi Akti ) annual international competition for surfers who come from all around the world . Nearby are a few hotels that allows you to combine the rest and the favorite sport.

Guests of Paros offers wonderful opportunities to discover and explore the historical heritage of Greece. On the island are many picturesque secluded chapels and monasteries , as well as two medieval Venetian fortress. In the capital of the island, Paros is the church Katapolyani ( &quot; Stovratnaya &quot; ) – one of the most important Byzantine monuments in Greece. On the day of the Assumption (15 August), here are magnificent celebration with fireworks and execution of the ancient naval songs.

Mykonos Island – 7

Mykonos Island – the most cosmopolitan of all the islands in the Greek archipelago . This feature is explained by the nature of the island geography Mykonos : the island is located at the intersection of all the major shipping lanes of the Aegean Sea . Mykonos is one of the most expensive for the rest of the Greek islands . It is the best place of nightlife, picturesque Greek houses , high-end hotels and magnificient sandy beaches.

Mykonos – the most popular resort on the island , it is rich for taverns , restaurants, bars and shops. In countless nightclubs guests spend the night away . During the day , guests relax on the beautiful sandy beaches , which is not typical for most islands .

Unlike other cities , amphitheaters Greek archipelago , the island’s capital city is located on the plain of Chora . The town itself is incredibly cozy and beautiful : the traditional Greek houses are shining white, brightly painted wooden balconies and windows are decorated with geraniums.

Capital of the island is the town of Chora (Chora), the famous colorful architecture, which attracts artists to Mykonos . White houses with colorful shutters and doors are located on the narrow, winding streets , reminiscent of the maze. In Chora there are picturesque ancient windmills and several interesting churches . There are many bars and nightclubs , the most fashionable of which are located in a picturesque area of Little Venice .

Mykonos has only two cities , and the second is Ano Mera. The town is located 7 km from Chora . In contrast to the capital , it is very quiet and peaceful place with several luxury hotels . Tourists are attracted here by the Monastery of Panagia – Tourliani (Panagia Tourliani) with a magnificent collection of icons.

Most beaches are on the south coast , where they are protected from the wind. All the beaches on the southern island sand . In July and August, the most famous and popular of them become very crowded – it is the beaches Paradise (Paradise), Super Paradise (Super Paradise), Platis Gialos (Platis Gialos), PSARA (Psarou) and Hornos (Ornos). On the beaches of Paradise and Super Paradise are the best beach parties in Greece.

Super Paradise is the most popular gay beach in Greece . But he draws and straight alike , thanks to the famous day and night beach parties . The beach is easily accessible from Hora. Also suitable beach nudists . There are no shops and , despite the name, the size of it gives Paradise beach .

Paradise Beach is also very popular , mainly among young people who are attracted here and music bars. In the evening, the entire beach turns into a nightclub in the open. On the beach there are opportunities for water sports , diving center , located near the camping .
Closest to the capital is a beach of Ornos , which makes it usually very crowded . The beach has a diving center, windsurfing and water skiing , several cafes and restaurants. Also close to the city is a popular beach of Agios Stefanos.

Beach of Platis Yialos – also one of the most popular beaches on the island . On the shore there are several hotels. It is fairly long and fully equipped beach . From the capital to the beach every half hour a bus . From Platis Yialos boats leave to other popular beaches on the south coast : Paranga (Paranga), Agrari (Agrari), Elia (Elia), Paradise and Super Paradise . Elia Beach is often visited by gays and nudists .

In the vicinity of Platis Gialos Psarou Beach is located . He is known for attracting celebrities from around the world . This is a narrow picturesque sandy beach , located 5 km from the capital. Get to the beach from the city by bus . There is a cafe and restaurant , as well as a diving center that offers a variety of programs for beginners and dive safaris for experienced divers.

Kalafati Beach (Kalafatis) suitable outdoor enthusiasts : there are rental equipment for water sports, windsurfing and diving center . There is also a restaurant with Greek cuisine and fresh seafood . Kalafati located in the south- east of the island . Get to the beach from the capital by bus . Located near a decent beach Leah (Lia), a length of 200 meters. It is a good alternative to the beach Kalafati for those staying in this part of the island , but looking for a more peaceful place.
In the north of the island are located not less beautiful , but more tranquil beaches , which are suitable for those looking for privacy. Reach these beaches can only be by car , buses do not serve them , most of the beaches are not well-off, which also makes them less visited .

Kalymnos Island – 8

Beauty of the island will captivate your heart at first sight – the mountainous terrain with two sprawling valley below mesmerizing sight, piercingly clear blue sea will not let you forget it.The island is not only a rich history and extraordinary nature, azure sea and picturesque beaches. Here countless ro?s so here developed climbing and diving. The island of Kalymnos is famous for the numerous romantic bays and caves, keeping their legends, many of which can only be reached by sea. Most popular of them is the cave of the Seven Virgins (or Grotto Nymphs) and cave Kefala, according to the legend served as a refuge for Zeus.The island has explored the cave with a rich stalactite and stalagmite decor, in which you can get with excursions.Archaeological interest is a cave in the rocks near the Bay of Vathi, the findings of which indicate that the cave was inhabited since Neolithic times.The local population is famous for all of Greece for its fishers of sea sponges. For this reason the museum of sponge is opened here. This is the main fishing for local residents, as for tourism, the island is opened not so long ago. You have to visit the archaeological Museum, which is located in the capital of the island Choir and includes exhibits, dating back even to prehistoric times. This is real evidence that life arose long ago.The capital of the island is the town Pothia with a population of 10 thousand people. The town was founded in the middle of the 19th century. In the city you can see two of the Cathedral: the Cathedral of St. Nicholas and the Christ of the Savior from the ancient icons and frescoes.The city has many neoclassical houses – heritage Italians. One of these houses there is an Archaeological Museum Kalymnos.

The old island’s capital town Choir located about a kilometre from, in direction to the North-West. Near the village you can see the fortress .On the territory of the fortress is the Church of the Virgin; the icon is stored here, where the mother of God is depicted with gold-plated hands. From the fortress there is a great view of the cityPothiaand visible to the neighbouring island of Kos. The most popular beaches on the island are the beaches of Kanuni, Linaria, Mussoorie and Vlikadia.

Bodrum – 9

Bodrum is one of the best starts for sailing around the Aegean sea-coast of Turkey. The Gökova Cove is accepted by almost everyone to be one of the best cruising zones in Europe. With supperabundant sunshine, crystal clear glassy waters, endless blue skies which make your day better, good harbors and friendly, debonair people, This coast provides you many choices. There are many uncorrupted areas rich in natural beauty and in costal settlements and villages. Bodrum is a port town in Muğla city, in the southwest of Aegean Region of Turkey. It is placed on the southern coast of Bodrum Peninsula, at a point that controls the entrance into the Gulf of Gökova. The city was known as Halicarnassus of Caria in ancient times and was known for housing the Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Bodrum Castle, built by the Crusaders in the 15th century, it had the view of harbor and the marina. The castle grounds include a Museum of Underwater Archeology and entertains many cultural festivals year long.