Top 5 beaches to visit in Turkey

The word Turqoise which originates from French word means Turkish. Apart from being a gem stone it is also a name given to the coastline in the world to coast stretching from Aegan Sea to Meditererranen Sea. Hopefully our top 5 beaches summer bucket list will surely help you to enjoy the summer in its full form.


This magnificent place is considered to be the one of the best beaches in Turkey and is perfect get away destination for tourists. It gives you an oppportunity to have secluded relaxation at this secret paradise. You can easily reach there by flying to Dalaman airport from Istanbul from where you can take shuttle bus to Fethiye. From Fethiye you can take minibus to Kabak.


This place is famous for it clear waters and beautiful shades of blue. It is located near small town and had popularity in Ancient Greek times. This is the meeting point of Aegean and Mediterranen Sea. You can also visit ancient ruins of Knidos which is near this place. You can locate this beautiful area between Bodrum and Maramis. The easiest way to reach it by bus from Maramaris Otogar or by ferry from Bodrum.


Cleopatra chose Turkey and this area as private and secret meet up place for spending her time with her lover Marc Anthony. According to the legend, Cleopatara did not like the sand on the sea and special sand were brought for her from Egypt. We don’t have facts or proof for this particular folklore. This is considered by Cleopatra private island.


This was an important city in 2nd BC. This place is now filled with treehouses and is considered to be an ideal place for backpackers. It is between two huge mountains and gives a mesmerizing outlook to the whole area. This city is also famous for the preserves on ancient Greek ruins. Dont miss going to Eternal Flames of the Chimera which according to folklore was charged by Olympic athletes.


This amazing Blue Lagoon Beach is a stunning place without any doubt and is considered to be the best beach in Turkey. This place is overcrowded in summers and that is the downside of the place. You can also try paragliding as it is the best spot for it.