The Cabin Charter Option in Blue Cruise Tours


You can go on blue cruise tours with your loved ones with private yacht charter option. At the same time, you can also go on blue cruise tours by chartering only a cabin of the yacht. The cabin charter yachts are gulets. There are the toilet and shower in each cabin. The cabins are usually for 2 people. They may be for 3 or 4 people in some private yachts.

In cabin charter option the blue cruise tours are done by being included in a route which there is at present. You can meet with people who have different cultures in these tours. You can go on these tours as alone or 2 people. In this option the cabin which you have chartered is private usage area and other parts of yacht are general usage area. It is important for cruise that you should be more careful about security and hygiene and obey the rules of yacht. In cabin charter option there is a wide route option, too.
Both in private yacht charter option and also in cabin charter option there are two kinds of accommodation way in the yachts. In the accommodation as full boarding-house there are breakfast, lunch, tea service at 5 o’clock p.m. and dinner with fruit and delight service. Drinks are paid as extra. Other accommodation way is a way which everything is included. In this accommodation kind the drink, food and menu services aren’t same in each yacht. In some yachts you must buy drinks and in some yachts you can bring your drink yourself.
At least there are one captain and two crew in the yachts which have served in blue cruise tours. This can change as to yacht’s largeness and blue cruise’s time. The blue cruise tours are done along 6 months. The tours start in April and go on until October.
Turkyacht serves the blue cruise with its professional staff and luxury yachts for years. You can obtain all informations about the blue cruise through our website. You can have enjoying . You can have an amusing and unforgettable holiday together with your loved ones.
Both in private yacht charter option and also in cabin charter option the blue cruise tours which you will do can offer a different holiday opportunity to you. You might spend the unforgettable times during your holiday.