The ancient city Assos

Assos which is one of the most important settlements of antiquity ,was also established in the hillside of an extinct volcano .it is Against the Edremit Gulf and the island of Midilli and involved in the historical sites and natural beauty in the city is located. Famous philosopher Aristotle in 348 BC, built here the first philosophy of the school.

When you go to Assos,you can have a chance to see some  sightseeing historical sites are as follows . Assos Temple of Athena ; which is symbol of Asos . Ancient city Assos also located inside the temple . Hüdavendigar Mosque ; which This mosque built in the period of 1.Murat and also wort seeing the galley pictures that located inside the mosque. Behramkale Bridge;which was founded on the Tuzla Stream .

Assos is Canakkale’s Ayvacık township  and also is located within the village of Behramkale . Guests who come to visit this historic village of Assos are also accommodated in this village.Visited by thousands of tourists every year,village has charming places, the beach and the port that you can visit. An another great natural beauty is the Kadırga bay that you can admire of it . It always puts the sea breeze is blowing .

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