Private Yacht Options in Blue Cruise

There is only one month left for blue cruise tours. Blue cruise season begins in April and lasts until October. It is able to choose a yacht which is suitable for your budget and pleasure and set sail for new horizons with your loved ones. Yacht owners have been doing their last preparations for new season.

Wooden gulet is one of the most preffered luxury yacht options in blue cruise tours. The yachts which are used for freight shipment in the past, now are using for blue cruise by modernizing. Luxury gulets are designed for giving response all requirements of guests. Wooden gulets are Turk-hand workmanship unique pieces. Almost all of those gulets are made in Bodrum and Marmaris shipyards. There are many options that ranging from economic to luxury in gulets. For example, almost all economic gulets do not have air conditionor. Depending on comfort and class, prices have been increasing in luxury yachts.

If you are thinking of go on a blue cruise, it is important what kind of a yacht is choosen. First of all, your budget is very important. There is wide product range in luxury yacht options. Besides pearly white Aegean and Mediterranean coves. It is able to choose an available route, you are also able to charter a private yacht. To set your own route, you should charter a private yacht. If there is a safety risk, yacht captain may change the route.

Turkyacht has been trying to offer an unforgettable blue cruise pleasure by luxury yachts. Our yachts are renewed before starting the season. Please visit our website for luxury yacht options.