Points to take into consideration before going on blue cruise


Blue cruise tours are preffered by those who would like to move away from city crowding and have an interesting holiday experience. It has been getting more popular every year. After to decide going on blue cruise, you should decide when you will go and which yacht you will use.

People who would like to go on blue cruise tours with a group of friend or loved ones, should prefer private yacht charter. On the other hand, people who would like to go on blue cruise with a friend or by alone, should prefer private cabin charter option.

Charter company’s safety and professionalism are very important for a trouble-free blue cruise. You should get service from an expert company for your safety. If you inform the company officals for your requests, plans and about your budget and pleasures, charter company staff will definitely help you. Gulets are most preffered yachts for blue cruise tours. Yachts are generally chartered for one week. People who would like to stay more than one week, should inform charter company official.

Blue cruise tour begins in April and it lasts until October. It is done by during 6 months. July and August are mostly preffered months in blue cruise tours. There are two types of accomodation. These are full board and all-inclusive. Early booking is good for us.

Difference between these two types of accomodation are foods and drinks. It offers to see pearly white coves of Mediterrean and Aegean with yacht, gulet charter.

Turkyacht has been working to help you from beginnig to ending of blue cruise tours. We are trying to give best quality service with our expert and smiling staff. It is able to choose a good blue cruise with wide product range of gulets in yacht gulet charter. Please visit our website for our routes and luxury charter gulets.