Mugla, Sarigerme


Sarıgerme which has been discovered in recent years entertains visitors with all naturalness. It depends on Ortaca that is a district of Muğla. In recent years Sarıgerme is one of the places where those who want to have a peaceful vacation prefer to spend their holidays. It is among the places where you can goin all the seasons of the year. Holiday season in Sarıgerme is especially in summer and autumn months. Sarıgerme has natural beauties, clear marine and long coast line.You can spend an enjoyable holiday in Sarıgerme.

The most important feature of Sarıgerme sea is there isn’t stone, gravel at the sea and at the coasts. This town is just 12 km far away Dalaman. This means the convenience in transportation. Passengers who have landed the International Dalaman Airport can arrive to this town by a taxi from here easily. Sarıgerme is among the peaceful resorts with its natural wealth and its history.

Another feature that makes Sarıgerme attractive is close to favourite resorts. Sarıgerme is very close to the favourite resorts such as Fethiye, Dalyan and Göcek.The district which is surrounded by the ancient cities such as Kaunos, Telmessos,Pisilis also attracts attention with the blowing winds constantly. It is among the places where particularly the surfers prefer. It is one of the routes which is the choice ofthose who prefer the blue cruise for summer vacation. Especially yachts spend the night here.

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