Izmir’s Pearl is Gumuldur


Gumuldur which is among the charming resorts of Aegean has recently raised its target pretty. In this resort town green and blue are nested. The interest of tourists is increasing to this resort town from day to day. The number of domestic and foreign visitors is increasing every year. In town which is used as a residential area at 19 Century the ancient ruins is one of the prominent elements.

The mandarins which are grown in Gumuldur are known in Europe. In town whose sea is quite clear and sparkling accommodation can be economical. When you go to Gumuldur, Colophon Ancient City is among the places you can’t go without seeing. The best-known feature of this city is only the ancient city which isn’t at the coast. Those who are interested in historical places and who want to see up history closely can also see Lebedos Ancient City after they have toured Colophon Ancient City. Gumuldur can provide a quiet holiday opportunity to you with its beautiful nature, clear marine and historic sites.

Those who want the silence and calmness during their holiday might desire to spend their holidays here comfortably. Those who want little action and excitement during the holidays may desire to utilize the different vacation alternatives, too. In recent years the blue cruise tours are among the holiday options which those who seek both calm and entertainment prefer.

Those who enjoy the sun and the sea with their loved ones over the sea can experience the thrill of discovering the hidden paradises they have never seen. The exciting cruises can be sailed with Marmaris gulet charter. Gulets are at the beginning of the boats are preferred in the blue cruise tours. Nowadays Gulets are modernized for blue cruise tours and can meet every need. Luxury gulets have been equipped with all kinds of technology and they can offer a comfortable holiday opportunity to you like the hotel comfort. There are many options from economic until luxury.

Turkyacht is sailing to the blue seas with Marmaris gulet charter for years. We try to serve with our professional staff and our luxurious boats very well. The blue cruise tours may be different and enjoyable for those who are bored of the classic holiday options.

You may have the chance seeing the magnificent coves which can be reached with blue cruise tours only by boat closely. You may have an opportunity seeing the past and today together.