Istanbul, Sile


Sile where has old history, is a town that neighbour of Black Sea. There are historical buildings that left from Constantinaople and Ottoman Empire. Sile lantern is the biggest lanterns of Turkey. It is the first big lantern of Turkey and second biggest lantern of the World.

Tourism is the most important source of income in Sile. Because of history and nature, especially in summer months there are so many visitors. History and nature are combine together in Sile. It offers visitors to enjoy holiday.

Sile where hosted many civilizations in the past, nature and history combining will impress you. Sile castle, Sile lantern, Sarikavak castle, Heciz castle, Green Valley, Hamam suyu fountain, Ottoman  bathhouse, church remain, baptism place, Lahit cemetery and priest fountain are must seen places in Sile.

There are so many naturel beauties in Sile except historical buildings. These are; clear sandy beaches, Degirmencayiri waterfall, Haccili waterfall, Eleven Lakes Valley, Kumbaba Hill, Aglayan stone..Sile festival which organizes in summer, offers enjoyable moments visitors.

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