Hidden Paradise, Milas


Milas is the second biggest regions of  Mugla which hosted many civilizations in the past. Milas is less popular than Bodrum. Milas is a hidden paradise, there are so many places and historical buildings that must seen. Many people who come from differet cultures and religions live together in Milas.

Besides many historical buildings, there are Otoman Houses that must seen. Milas rugs are world-reowned. There are many places and buildigs that must seen in region. These are, Milas museum, Baltalikapi, Gumuskesen cemetery, Zeus Karios holy shrine, Haci Ilyas mosque, Ulus mosque, Firuz Bey mosque and Milas houses.

Milas is a hidden paradise which is waiting for visitors with beautiful historical remains and nature. It host visitors clear waters and different kind of foods. You are able to see prints of history et every corner of the city.