Yacht Tourism and Datca


Datca is an island which is a region of Mugla city, has countless coves and long shorelines. It is one of the most preffered place in blue cruise routes. There are so many things for holiday with historical places and clear water. In winter, there is always sunshine on the other hand, you will feel fresh with warm winds in summer.

You are able to go on blue cruise tours in Datca which is called the holiday heaven of Turkey with Yacht Charter Turkiye. Datca is a place where the Aegean and Mediterrenean seas merge with each other so it is preffered so many yacht lovers. Because of countless coves, it becomes more popular. Blue cruise tours offer you both discover the land and  the sea at the same time.

Region which hosted so many civilizations in the past, offers the visitors to have an unforgettable holiday with its nature and historical remains. City population’s means of living provide with apiculture and olive cultivation. Moreover, tourism contributes the city economy. In this issue, tourism has the biggest  slice of the cake.

In spring months, you may see all shades of the nature in Datca. Mountains and slopes offer all beauties inside them. We called it as natural pharmacy which have many herbals. Nature is waiting for visitors with the grace of a bride.

If you are coming to Datca, you must have seen the beautiful coves. Moreover antic cities which have historical remains, must seen. You should not forget to the blue cruise tours that offer you all beauties of nature. You may find many things in the city, there are daily blue cruise tours.

Turkyacht offers you to witness all beauties of the nature with Yacht Charter Turkey. We have been trying to give best quality service with the staff and experience by years. Blue cruise tours are done for six months of the year. There are Marmaris, Datca, Gocek, Bodrum, Fethiye Oludeniz and Greek Islands in our routes. Please visit our website to get more detail informations.