Would you like to have an enjoyable holiday by chartering your yacht

Blue cruise tour demands for Aegean and Mediterrenean coves by luxury gulets are increasing day by day. Blue cruise is one of the most preferred holiday option for those who want to see beautiful coves , discover historical places and have an enjoyable holiday with all shades of blue and green. You can find chance to see places which are travelled only by sea.

Blue cruise tour demands have been increasing over fifty years. Marmaris yacht charter is the most preferred one in these tours. There is an interesting story about the history of blue cruise.  Cevat Şakir ,best known as a Fisherman of Halicarnassus, has gone to Gökova with his friends,from that time,these tours became more popular. These tours are called as ‘blue cruises’ over time.

Luxury gulets are the apple of blue cruises eye. Maximum capacity of these yachts are 14-16 people.They are all wooden and hand –made. They were used by sponge fishermen and fishermen in the past. On the other hand,they are as comfortable as hotel rooms in these days.

You are able to go on a blue cruise by choosing a yacht which is suitable for your budget and pleasure.

Turkyacht has been organizing blue cruise tours to Turkish coves and Greek Islands by its yachts which are renewed every year. We have been organizing tours by our expert staff and luxury yacht fleet.You are able to check out luxury yacht fleet on our website.

Going on a blue cruise,you can find more activities to do. Besides enjoying sea and sun,you are able to go trekking and join archeological excavation. Moreover ,you can find the opportunity for water sports. People who just want to take a rest, can stay in their yachts and enjoy the sun and sea.

You have never gone on a blue cruise or maybe you only hear that from your social surroundings. If you think of going on a blue cruise this summer, you should make booking early. If you do not book early , you are not able to find a yacht what date you want. Blue cruise tours begin in April and end in October.

You are able to set sail for new horizons by Marmaris yacht charter. You can add new ones to your travel notes.