Westest of Balikesir, Ayvalik


Ayvalik that hosted many civilizations in the past, is a region of Balikesir city. It is one of the most leading tourism resorts. Region that is the westest of  Balikesir, is in on Aegean area.

There are some different opinions about the where Ayvalik name is come from. Some people say that it was a name of quince which is called ‘Kidonia’ in antic times, on the other some people say it comes from ‘Eolya’ name. ‘Kidonia’ name has been used since B.C 330.

There are warm winds in region that blow both in summer and winter. These winds feel you fresh even if in summer hots. There are many big and small islands in region. The biggest and  most known one is Cunda(Alibey) island. Island is connected the Ayvalik by bridges. There is no settlement other islands of the region.

Besides sightseeings, there are many historical places in island. On of them is  Seytan Sofrasi. It is able to see Ayvalik and Midilli islands from there which is believed there were the foot prints of Devil. It is an old lava deposit, is resembled of a round dinner table. There are Greek houses and historical buildings in island that must seen. Sarimsakli beach and Alibey(Cunda) island are important for sea tourism. There comes daily visitors from Midilli(Greek Island). Greek tourists are especially interested in Ayvalik bazaar.

Besides sightseeings, Ayvalik has many different tastes that must tried. You are able to find different kind of foods in region. There are camel wrestlings in every winter in Ayvalik. You are able to do different activities in Ayvalik even if it is summer or not.

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