Nice Holiday Town; Dikili


Dikili is a town of Izmir city where has an old history, nature and thermal springs, baths which are good for your health. Town that hosted many civilizations in the past, is a calm and nice place. Dikili harbour is an important means of living for city tourism.

While swimming at crystal clear sea of Dikili, you are also able to keep your health at thermal spring and baths. Festival which are organized every year, offers different cultural- art activities for visitors.

Besides old Greek houses, Candarli castle, Pitane antic city, volcanic black lake, Nebiler waterfall, and Garip island are must seen places in town.

The biggest means of living in Dikili is agriculture. Europe’s third biggest and Turkey’s biggest vegetable glasshouses in Dikili. Jeothermal resouces are too many so greenhousing has an important in economy.  People who go Dikili for holiday, while enjoying holiday, are able to try new tastes in there. Best tastes of Aegean cuisine are offered visitors.

It is able to accomodate in hostels and hotels both in summer and winter. Midilli island which is next neighbour of Dikili, shares with the same sea and offers making new friends.

When holiday in Dikili comes to mind, it is always reminded us blue sea and clear sandy beaches. It is able to enjoy sea, sun and sand at Dikili’s blue flag beaches. It gives response all your requests, while you enjoy thermal springs and baths.

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