Nature Beauty; Agva


It is a town of Istanbul city, Sile where hosted Hitties, Greeks, Phrygians and Ottoman Empire in the past. It is an exact nature beauty where has coast of Goksu and Yesilcay rivers and Black Sea. It offers visitors enjoyable moments with history, greeny nature and tasteful fishes. It is able to taste almost all fish species.

Visitors that come to Agva, may find chance to do many activities in there. Nature walks, cano, pedalo and also Agva’s coasts are suitable for fishing. Especially, in summer months it is a good option for those who would like to move away from city crowd.

Places that must seen in Agva are; Kalemkoy, Hacilli village, Akcakese village, Sakli village, Kilimli cove…It is also able to enjoy in Agva except resting. You may enjoy during all day in your holiday.

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