Izmir, Seferihisar


Seferihisar where is very popular in tourism recently, town of Izmir city. It is preffered by those who would like to looking for a calm and peaceful holiday.  The town has 300 years past, there lives Cretan’s.

There are so many  must seen places that are historical buildings. Teos antic city has values that come until today. Dionysos temple is one of the most important pieces in city. Akrapolis that is in the Karabakir Hill, one of the must seen places. Lebedos  where is the other antic city of Seferihisar, Urkmez town.

Seferihisar has an important in archeology. Besides historical buildings, there are very popular beaches.  Akkum and Ekmeksiz are the most popular ones. It is a place where you will able to move away from stressful city life with fresh air and crystal clear sea.

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