Izmir, Efes


Efes where is a town of Izmir city, has an old past that B.C. 6000. It is able to see traces that remained from Neolitic, Helenistic and and Greek eras. Efes is the first city that is made by marble.

Histoical  buildings that are very popular in Efes: Artemis temple; is one of the seven wonders of World. Celsus library that is both library and cemetery. The house of the virgin mary is chapel for those. Yedi uyurlar, ( Asdhab-ı Kehf) Isa Bey Mosque, Domitian temple, Serapis temple, Mary church and St. Jean Basilic and many historical remains are waiting for visitors.

It is able to see all traces of history while visiting Efes. There is history every corner of Efes  for those who would like to search for recent past. History will be embrace you at every foot.

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