Holiday pleasure in the middle of sea

When you think of holiday pleasure in the middle of sea, blue cruise always comes to mind. Our country which is surrounded on three sides by the sea, is quite sufficient for blue cruise. Turkey is very substantial country about the yacht tourism. Many local and foreign vacationists outstay in blue cruise tours. Blue cruise tours are done for one or two weeks. It can be shorter depend on your wish.

You may have enjoyable moments with your loved ones and friends with gulet charter Antalya. The most preffered ones for yacht charter in Turkey is wooden gulets. Today, almost all gulets have hotel comfort. The season for blue cruise begins in April and it lasts until October. Blue cruise tours are very high in summer months. If you are planning to go on a blue cruise with gulet charter Antalya, you should book early. It could be hard to find a yacht in high season for  what date and time you want.

Besides an enjoyable holiday, you are also able to go back in time. It offers enjoyable moments for you and your loved ones in your yacht which is in the middle of sea.

Turkyacht offers blue cruise pleasure with gulet charter Antalya branch offices. It gives enjoyable moments for you and  your loved ones. Besides Aegean and Mediterranean coves, there are tours for Greek Islands.

You are able to join an available tour or you may determine on your own route. If you would like to determine the route, you should create your own group. There is private cabin charter option for those who would like to be alone. You may make new friends from different cultures with cabin charter.

Turkey is a leading country for the yacht construction. Wooden gulets which are made by Turk workmanship, are most preffered by people for blue cruise. There is wide price range which is ranging from economic to luxury. Your choices will be depend on your budget and pleasure.