Gulet Charter Prices

There may be someone who would like to plan a blue cruise tour for forthcoming summer holiday. Gulet charter prices depend on gulets’ class and features. Charter prices can be change depending on your blue cruise route. There are many gulet options in charter gulets which are ranging from economic to luxury. Charter prices are changing depend on gulet capacity, added features and comfort of luxury gulets. Choosing your charter gulets depend on your budget and pleasure.

After choosing the charter gulets, it is time to determine your voyage date. Besides, available blue cruise packets, you are also able to choose your own route. Blue cruise time is important. How long does it take? For 1 week or 2 weeks. There are some factors which affects charter prices. These are charter gulet, blue cruise route and blue cruise time. If you have special requests, you should contact the charter company.

When you charter a gulet, the important thing is not your route which is to pearly white Aegean or Mediterrenean coves or Greek Islands, the most important one is your pleasure and happiness. If you have a special case or request, you should inform the charter company before boarding. You are able to set sail for new horizons with your loved ones. Gulet charter may become more economic with early booking prices. Moreover, some charter companies have sales campaigns.

Turkyacht hosts many local and foreign visitors with expert staff, economic prices and quality services. We have been trying to give best quality services to our quests. We have different kinds of  luxury gulets  and wide range prices. Please contact us for charter prices. You may give unforgettable summer holiday to your loved ones.

Blue cruise tours can be a good holiday option for those who are bored with the city life and crowding.