Greek Islands with Chartering Gulet

Greek Islands hosted many ancient civilization in the past. On the other hand, Greek Islands are waiting for blue cruise lovers now. Greek Islands  have many small and big islands which are very close to Turk coasts. Many of these islands have settlement. Islands which have settlements are; Rhodes, Symi , Kalymnos, Kos, Nisyros, Çoban, Halki, Karpathos, Safrano, Lipsi, Leros, Patmos, Tilos, Astypalea and Meis islands.

In recent years, the popularity of blue cruise with Greek Islands gulet charter has increased. Besides visiting Greek Islands, you are also able to see historical remains from ancient Greek mythologic. While having an enjoyable holiday, it is possible to witness the old history. You are also able to try different tastes. You may go on an enjoyable holiday by chartering your own luxury gulet which is suitable for your budget and pleasure. It is able to add new ones to your travel notes.

You are able to set your own route with your friends or loved ones with Greek Islands gulet charter. Luxury gulets are designed to meet all your needs during the blue cruise. There are many options that ranging from economic to luxury. Your preference will depend on your budget and pleasure. All gulet maintenance must be done before the season begins. It is important for your safety. Season begins in April and it lasts until October. Summer season is always very high.

If you are alone, you can charter a private cabin. It is able to meet people from different cultures. The charter cabins are special only for you, the other areas of yacht are common for other passengers.

Turkyacht organizes blue cruise tours for Greek Islands. We have been trying to  give proffessional quality services to our customers for many years. All yachts are renewed before the season begins. We have been giving services with our renewed fleet and expert staff. We have hosted many local and foreign visitor so far. Please visit our website for luxury yacht fleet and blue cruise route programmes.