Greek Islands tours that start from Bodrum

Bodrum is known as starting point of blue cruise tours. Trips which had gone by Halikarnas fishermen’s friends, has become blue cruise tours by years. Gulets which were used for freighment and fishery in the past, are using for blue cruise in these days. Gulets are mostly preffered for blue cruise.

Bodrum Greek Islands tour routes are very popular recently. There is nobody who has seen and doesn’t like Bodrum. Many people love Bodrum much. There may be someone who would like to have holiday in Bodrum. Blue color of sea and sense of discovery has invited us Bodrum Greek Islands tours.

Before going on blue cruise, maintenance and cleanliness is very important. You should follow the rules in yacht and inform us what kind of a holiday you would like to have. That is important for your and yacht crew safety.

If you are thinking of Bodrum Greek Islands tours, you should benefit from early booking advantages. You may find chance to go on blue cruise by economic prices. You are able to have a blue cruise with your loved ones.

Every year, Turkyacht has organized blue cruise for those who love Bodrum and Greek Islands. We offer an enjoyable holiday pleasure with Bodrum Greek Islands and other routes.. Our blue cruise tour lasts until October. Please visit our website for other routes and luxury charter yacht fleet. If you choose private yacht charter options, you are able to determine your own route.

When the blue cruise and Bodrum comes together, you may find chance to have an unforgettable holiday. You may enjoy the sea and sun, and discover new places. You are able to walk inside greeny forests in visited coves. You may treat yourself and your loved ones. You may add new ones to your travel notes. You may taste fresh fishes that never tried before.