Food and Beverage Menus


We have a full board food sistem on the boats.  This is the Mediterranean breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We offer 3 types of menus:

  • Full board coffee, tea, and water. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Full board coffee, tea, and water. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Soft drinks are extra.
  • Full board coffee, tea, and water. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Soft drinks and local alcohol is extra.

Breakfast includes :

different kinds of olives, olive oil and butter, salami and ham, eggs, various types of the freshest and most delicious cheeses, fresh vegetables and herbs, toast and fresh pastries, tea or coffee.

Lunch and dinner includes:

scheduled set menu which is garanting seasonal fish , seafood, meat and vegetables.

Complimentary drinks

  • Soft drinks, tea & coffee all day are Complimentary.
  • Dietic cola, sugar free lemonade, tonic water, bottled mineral & fizzy water and fruit juice.
  • Fresh coffee and Orange juice is served with breakfast only.


Children between the ages of 0 – 3 are free of charge.

Children between the ages of 3 – 12 receive a 50% discount.


Here are some specialities of Mediterranian and Egian dishes:


Greek secret – it’s a joy of eating together . That’s why they serve a huge number of small dishes consumed by all people those who gathered at the table. For gurme the Greece – a real paradise .

Enjoy the amazing taste of so popular among tourists national dishes of Greek cuisine : Moussaka – a famous Greek casserole , which is made from ground beef, eggplant, potatoes, which are stacked in layers and filled with bechamel sauce , Pastitsio – one of the most mouth-watering dishes : pasta with meat is dressed with bechamel sauce and baked in the oven ,DOLMADES – minced meat wrapped in grape leaves (a dish , analogues of which can be found in Caucasian cuisine ) , Stifado – beef goulash or rabbit with onions in sweet and sour sauce, ARNI – is a delicate lamb on the gril, Souvlaki – this is a kind of kebab ,Tzatziki – the famous creamy snack of yogurt, finely chopped cucumber , garlic and greens. MELIDZANO SALATA – eggplant salad with lemon, oil and garlic. All this dressed with olive oil and placed on top of cheese slices , Brizol – steak on the coals , PAIDAKYA – lamb chops , SEAFOOD – is boundless Greek area that deserves special attention,. Try the octopus – htapodi (in different ways: roasted on coals , pickled ) , shrimp garides , tasty fish – Tsipuria , barbouni .

If you’re a fan of coffee , then visit a cafeterias . Here you will be offered not only coffee ( variously cooked) , but also fresh juices, smoothies , ice cream and pastries and salads.


Turkish food

Greatest joy for guests in Turkey is to contemplating laid table . You’ll find a fantastic selection of dishes. One of the most notable groups dishes are dishes cooked in olive oil . They include: cabbage or grape leaves stuffed with spicy rice , grilled eggplant or zucchini, and borek, representing the finest sheets of pastry stuffed with meat cheese . Of course , you will find a traditional sauce of yogurt mixed with garlic butter and cucumber . All this and even more – Turkish appetizers.

However, for the snacks should be the main dish , usually consisting of fresh fish or roasted meat over an open fire . Turkish coast abounds with all kinds of fish from sardines to tuna , as well as all sorts of molluscs . The most common meat – shish kebab , which is made by cooking over charcoal lamb or mutton. There are many local varieties. Some served on pita bread with yogurt subtlest or onions , some of them with sauce and rice. In the south, the kebabs are usually spicy. There are special kebab restaurants that serve this dish only .

In Turkish there are no separated cheese plate . Cheese served during the lunch. Many desserts as a main component includes milk (eg , rice pudding ) , but the most famous desserts made ??from special thin breads, baclava , cookie  .The perfect completion dinner are the fresh fruits, presented in such abundance in Turkey , and a cup of tea or coffee. The most popular alcoholic drink in Turkey is raki , a strong alcohol, flavored with anise . Some Turkish wine , especially dry red table grapes they are very tasty.  If you prefer non-alcoholic drinks , try fresh fruit juice or ayran, a refreshing fermented milk drink . In accordance with Islamic tradition , the Turks are the experts and connoisseurs of good water . You will always find bottled water on the table.