Fethiye Gulet Charter

In blue cruise holidays, luxury wooden gulets are mostly preferred. It is possible to spend an unforgettable holiday when the magnifience of wooden combines with the Turkish workmanship. There are economic, standard, luxury and VIP options in gulet charter. Preferences depend on your budget and pleasure. Today, you are able to have an enjoyable holiday by chartering a luxury yacht with Fethiye Gulet Charter. All gulets are designed to satisfy all your needs and requirements. In the past, gulets were used for freight shipments and fishing. As the time passed,they  are modernized and now are used for blue cruise tours . Gulets are made by Turkish hand-work in Fethiye, Bodrum and Göcek shipyards. Yachts can  sail by  wind and engine power,too. Gulets are made suitable for blue cruise tours. When the season ends, magnificant gulets’ maintenance are done and then they are ready for the new season. The yachts’ maintenance should be done systematically for passengers’ safety and comfort . Turkyacht has taken precautions to make the passengers feel in comfort and safe. Depending on yacht properties ;there are at least two cabin crew and one captain. We host many local and foreign passengers with Fethiye gulet charter every year. You can check out luxury yacht fleet on our website. There are some binding rules for those who want to have a comfortable and an enjoyable holiday at sea. Obeying these rules are essential for your safety. People who want to charter a yacht with Fethiye gulet charter should make early booking . If you make an early booking, you are able to choose the suitable date and yacht which you want. Yacht tour’s season begins in April and ends in October. Blue cruise tours are organized to pearly white Aegean and Mediterranean coves  and also Greek islands. You are able to plan a route with your loved ones or friends. If the weather isn’t good enough, yacht’s captain can change the route.