An Overview

The gulets in our portfolio range from 20 meters to 52 meters in lengthand offer anywhere from 2 to 16 cabins; or 4 to 32 guests.Gulets in VIP, High Deluxe, Deluxe and Luxury classifications all have air conditioning; as well as a shower and toilet for each cabin.The crew comprises of a captain, chef and deckhands who also act as waiters during a gulet cruise. The more luxurious class VIP and some High Deluxe class gulets provide a hostess and larger number of crew members.

The general construction of a gulet can last anywhere from 1 but generally, 2 or 3 years and is partially handmade out of wood; such as mahogany, oak and teak. Turkish gulets offer wide open deck space where guests can sun tan and relax. Sometimes the awning is drawn out for some shade during meal times. There are two areas for dining. A dinning table in the salon / lounge area, and also on deck.

There are no set classifications of gulets; however the terms that you may come across on the internet, used to classify gulets are VIP, High Deluxe, Deluxe, Luxury, Luxe, Standard, and Economic.

Depending on the class of gulet, cabins can be designed quite simple with a bed, toilet, shower and small TV. The VIP or High Deluxe gulet cabins have a more luxurious design and come with a CD/DVD player, music system, LCD TV, and satellite. While other VIP or High Deluxe gulet cabins come with a private jacuzzi and quite spacious. Gulet cabins are generally used for a place to sleep. Most of our guests spend their time outdoors, in the water, on deck, on land at the beach or in town.

Gulets also provide indoor areas for relaxation such as the salon. There, you will find a bar, dinning table, lounge with satellite TV and music system. Some of the most luxurious gulets even have a piano on board.  Gulets have general common characteristics; but they are also quite different from each other. If you are seeking a gulet that provides all the basic necessities and not after a totally luxurious experience with a jacuzzi in your cabin or piano, then the deluxe and luxury class gulets should suffice. Gulets in the VIP and High Deluxe classes also have many of the popular water toys and equipment such as jet skiis, water skiis, fishing equipment, canoes, wake boards and more. While other types  provide some more non sophisticated items such as canoes, sea beds, and snorkelling equipment.

The best way to realize what it is you really want to experience during a gulet holiday, is simply to inquire with us, communicate and let us know which activities you prefer. You can also view our  largeportfolio of gulets. Each one is special in their own way; however telling us what your  expectations are will certainly help. We are here to do our best to provide what you are looking for in a gulet charter holiday. Our goal is to meet, if not exceed your expectations.



Are Gulet Cruises Your Holiday Style?

There is a difference between holidays on land and holidays at sea. The accommodation and holidays styles are quite distinctive. While many people are used to hotel accommodation, trying out something different such as a gulet cruise can give a whole new meaning to your vacation experience.

For about to be newbie gulet vacationers, the information below may give you a beter perspective on what to expect on a gulet charter. That is not to say that all gulet charter experiences will be the same for everyone, but the following information is there, simply for your reference.


Hotel rooms are built according to building standards and gulet cabins are built according to gulet standards. Like any building, you will have more head space to stand up in your hotel room than you would in your gulet cabin, and this will only affect you if you are very tall – so expect a reduction in ceiling height. Hotel rooms can offer a larger occupancy area than some gulet cabins.  This depends on the gulet you have rented. There are VIP or High Deluxe gulet cabins larger than hotel rooms too.


Gulets are categorized as motorsailers. What this means is that they not only sail but also use their engines for cruising. They are by no means a sailing vessel alone. Sailing takes time from one destination to another. Hypothetically if you are on a one week holiday and will be travelling from Rhodes to Fethiye, with all the stops in between, there is no way that by sailing you will be able to not only enjoy your vacation but also cover that distance. Generally on itineraries that have been arranged for a week, the sails come out on gulets anywhere from 1 – 3 times in that 1 week period.

The variation depends on the itinerary, the gulet, and the weather.


Rules that are neccessary to abide by on a gulet charter

On board, gulets have certain rules that must be honored for the safety of the guests and crew. You can smoke on gulets, but there is no smoking allowed in the cabins. If you are planning to do some heavy duty serious partying, the gulet is not the most suitable place to do so. While docked at a habour that offers night clubs and discos – it would be best to do that kind of partying in places like that. Also by seriously over drinking, all sorts of accidents can happen on board. So it is best to be safe than sorry and keep within reasonable limitations of partying on board. If while at one port, the weather is not appropriate for the gulet to leave the harbour, the captain will advise as such; and therefore there may end up being a change in schedule for that moment in time. This type of precautionary measures could prevent seasickness and other unfortuante casualties. Afterall, mother nature cannot be controlled.


Gulets that are classified as VIP, High Deluxe, and Deluxe, come with air conditioning included in the  price of the gulet charter. While gulets classified  otherwise do not offer air conditioning on board.

In hotels air conditioning could possibly be running all the time if you have your key inserted in the slot that allows for electricity in your hotel room. That electricity is provided by the city, so hotels can offer continous air conditioning easily. However gulets are at sea and at times not docked at any harbour where electricity is obtained from the city; therefore air conditioning cannot run for everyone all day long because the electricity comes from the generator(s) on board.

The longer the generator runs, the more fuel it requires to keep going. Exceeding what is considered normal usage will tack on extras fuel expenses for the guests.

Another fact to consider is the noise coming from the generator while in operation. The VIP gulets generally have much quieter generators that are not disturbing and their air conditioners are able to run all night long. However other types of gulets may not; but the cabins are cooled in the evenings and in the morning hours. Additional usage of air conditioning is switched off during the day. Most guests are out and about so therefore the air con is not really desired during those times.


Prices cannot be compared between hotel accommodation and gulet accommodation. The reason is the difference in the style and type of holidays and services provided by both. Booking a hotel means that accommodation is the more important part of your holidays – most of the time. But when booking gulets, before the accommodation, the services, activities and the itinerary are the most important parts of the holiday – actually the features of the holiday.

Your gulet holiday can still be affordable and can provide more for you to do and see than staying in a hotel. Once you book your hotel, you have to leave it to go and see places which costs extra on top of your accommodation.


With gulets everything is right there for you. The places you see, you are taken to. The food and

beverages you are served are right there for you. You do not have to stand in line to get your meals they are served to you. You also do not have to share your dining table with people you do not know. The waiters cater to you and your group only. The services are private as is the gulet charter.

When you really dig deep and analyze all the differences between hotel accommodation and gulet holidays, you are really getting more for your money by going on a gulet cruise. You are always travelling to many magnificent places and being served personally by the crew who are there around the clock. As guests, you do not have to book a VIP gulet charter to experience this. A deluxe or luxury class gulet will give you similar types of services because your gulet charter is custom prepared for you and your party.




One of the main purposes of gulet holidays is to experience a more personalized service. You have the freedom to do whatever you wish during your gulet cruise. The word “stress” should not even exist in your vocabulary during a gulet holiday. It is a time-out from everyday life – so relaxation should be a good part of it.


What makes gulets differ in price?

While gulets look very similar from the outside, they are infact different from one another. These differences are what sets the prices apart from each other. There can be older and larger gulets that are less in price than those who are smaller but much newer.

Although there are no legal categories to gulets, in general they are classified with various terms; such as VIP, High Deluxe, Deluxe, Luxury, Luxe, Standard and Economic. The characteristics of gulets from one category to another is customized by the owner of the gulet. The gulets are manufacturered with Standard facilities as in the general design and layout. However the fine touches, facilities, amenities, and accessories; as well as things like water toys; equipment, engines, generators, kitchen facilities, bathroom facilities and decor are just a few of the details that make them different from each other. You can also take into consideration the frequency of maintanance. Some gulets are refitted more often than others, which also reflects on the build, services, and overall general maintenance. A gulet that is kept up more so than others will be priced differently, and also more reliable for holiday travel at sea.

The number of crew members and to what extent they are trained can also make a difference in the prices of gulets. The service will certainly be there for all types of gulets, but will vary from a VIP gulet charter to an Economic gulet charter. The bottom line is the budget you have set aside for your holiday. Then the most well suited gulet options can be given for your consideration. It is the job of the yacht agent to give you consultation services and listen to your needs, so that you end up with a holiday you will enjoy. All individuals have distinctive expectations. The agent is their to analyze and find solutions best suited for their guests.

Paying the lower prices doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t enjoy your holiday. On the contrary, you will. Paying more doesn’t mean the best gulet cruise. The whole objective of your gulet holiday is to luxuriate in all it has to offer – from the places you visit, the friendly services you will receive by the crew to the freedom of allowing yourself to do whatever your heart desires – whether its snorkelling, jet skiing, canoeing, sun tanning, reading a good book, visiting exciting new places, sharing quality time with your family and friends, exploring history, discovering charming little bays and being a part of mother nature’s unspoilt creations; its your private gulet charter, so you should make the best of it.

The Role of the Crew

Without a crew, there cannot be a gulet cruise. The crew is the most important part of the cruise. Other than all the other featues of a gulet holiday, the crew is the most valuable part. They are on board around the clock with the sole purpose of serving their guests. A luxury or VIP gulet is not worth much without the right crew. Depending on the size and type of the gulet, as well as the number of guests; the number of crew members start from 2 and can go up to an average of 4, 5 or more on the much larger gulets.

One of the best parts of the gulet charter is nothaving to clean your cabins, change your linen, cook your meals, wash your dishes, or naivgate the gulet. The crew takes care of all these services for you on board so that all you have to think about is living it up on your private gulet charter.




All gulet charters come with a captain (skipper). The captain holds the highest authority, is responsible for everyone on the gulet and has the last word for the sake of safety. When you plan your itinerary, the best person to ask is the captain. He/she will know every cove, bay, and secret places to see, and offer the most suitable advice for your charter.



The chef holds a category on his/her own. For some guests, he/she is one of the most favored persons on the gulet. The chefs are the ones who prepare all these tasty and mouthwatering dishes, and have been known to leave a very  memorable impression on the guests.




The responsibility of the waiter is to serve your meals, wash the dishes and sometimes clean the cabins when there is no hostess among the crew. The waiters are also full of useful information. If you have any questions about the gulet charter holiday, you can always ask the waiter. They can be considered somewhat of a tour guide on these gulet charters.


This person overseas the waiters, hostess, and chef. The sailor is the captain’s right hand man.



A hostess is not always on board and a part of the crew with gulets less than luxury class. The responsibility of the hostess is to clean the cabins and change the linen; serve drinks, as well as clean the deck and saloon areas of the gulet. As you can see, the crew is quite valuable and should be recognized as such. When guests come back for another gulet cruise, they sometimes ask for a gulet charter based on the crew they wish to  see again.


How much does it Cost to Charter a Gulet?

Gulets in our portfolio start from 500€ and go up to 15,000€ per day. The lowest prices are found in the months of April, May, and October. The  middle of the season gulet prices are during the months of June, July; and the highest prices are in the months of August and September. For some gulets, the peak months are July and August and their prices are reflected as such. While there are other gulet owners who simply keep the same gulet rental rate the same throughout the whole season from May to October.


The best gulet prices can be obtained during the months of May and October. The weather is fantastic during these months. However you can stil get really good prices for gulets during the months of June and September too. During these months, prices are not set in stone, so there is room for a discount. In July and August, the peak month of the season, it is rarely negotiable unless you have a gulet booking longer than a week or two.

Gulets come in different sizes, and sometimes a gulet that holds 16 guests can be cheaper than a gulet that has a capacity of 8 guests. This difference is based on the gulet’s specifications. However it does not mean that the service is any less. All services on the gulets are equally presented by the crew on board. The difference usually is in the amenities and facilities provided on board the gulets. While some gulets may have many water toys and more luxurious cabin designs, some may be more conservative indesign; with only a canoe and fishing equipment on board for water toys.

VIP: 5,800€ – 15,000€ per day

DELUXE: 900€ – 2,500€ per day

LUXURY: 1,750€ – 7,200€ per day



It is not a matter of how much money is required to rent a gulet, it is actually what is your budget for your gulet charter holiday. Based on your criteria and budget, a gulet charter consultant can shortlist gulets that are the most suitable for you.


When you are searching throught the list of gulets, the prices you see with whichever gulet may not be the best deal. It is ideal to “like” the gulets first and then discuss with our gulet charter consultants your plans so that they can arrange the best possible deal for you with the most ideal gulet charter programme. Also, whichever gulet(s) you shortlist may not always be the gulet you get on your holiday. You might get one even better. It is not a guarantee, however our aim is to provide you with which ever gulet is the best to rent at the time of your holiday. Please remember that we are here to work in your best interest so that you can truly fulfill your holiday at sea in the best way possible.

The charter of a gulet is based on the complete rental of the gulet and not on a per person basis such as it is in cabin charters. Guest capacities range from 4 person gulets to 32 person gulets. When you rent the gulet, it will only serve you and your group.

The gulet prices are listedon our website. But what type of gulet with which specifications is your preference. Once you choose the gulet or make a list of gulets that peak your interest, then it is a matter of either choosing a set itinerary; or create one custom made to your liking. This would be an itinerary on which places you wish to visit and how long to stay during your gulet cruise. When you make your flight plans, keep in mind that all gulet charters start on a Saturday and end on a Saturday. Embarkation is 3:00 pm. Disembarkation is 10:00 – 10:30 am.


Are there Additional Costs?

In Turkey, guests do not have to pay extra for port taxes in Turkey. This applies to the ports located on the Turksh coastline. It is included in the price of the gulet rental.  Port taxes for Greece are extra and not included in the price of the gulet rental. They are paid on top of the gulet rentals for charters that include Greece. If you require an airport transfer to the gulet, please let us know so that we can arrange to pick you and your party up from the airport.

There are some costs included and not included when you book a private gulet charter.


INCLUSIVE: Turkish port charges,  Air conditioning, Captain, Crew, Insurance on the gulet, Fuel for up to an average of 3 – 4 hours of cruising per day, Laundry services, Towels and bed linens. The towels and linens are changed daily,  Use of snorkelling and fishing equipment.

NONINCLUSIVE: Airport transfers, Foreign (Greek Island fees) and private marina chargers, Passport handling fees for entering and exiting foreign countries, FOOD & BEVERAGES.

In addition to the price of the gulet charter; there is the food and beverage menu inclusive of breakfast, lunch, and dinner; coffee, tea and water. The prices are arranged as follows:

Full board 245,00 € / person for one week

Full board + soft drinks 315,00 € / person for one week

Full board + soft drinks + localalcoholics drinks 455,00 € / person for one week

Children ages 0 – 3 are free of charge

Children ages 3 – 11 receive a 50%  discount


The VAT is included for gulet charters in Turkey and is extra for gulet charters in Greece.

If you are uncertain about anything, please feel free to contact us and ask.


What are the payment terms  for a gulet charter?


The deposit is required at the time of booking your gulet charter. This ranges from 30% to 50% of the gulet price. Depending on the time of year, you  can be entitled to receive discounts on your gulet rental. Also paying for your entire gulet charter before your arrival may entitle you to a discount. This is subject to your arrangements with our gulet charter consultant at the time of your booking. Payment for deposits are bank wire transfers only. When you have signed the gulet charter agreement, our gulet charter consultant will email you the bank account details.



The payment method for the balance of your gulet charter is cash or bank wire transfer. This can be done either prior to or upon arrival / check-in. These payment terms can vary, and depend on your gulet charter. It is totally up to the descretion of your gulet charter consultant. The payment terms will be finalized at the time of your booking and signing of contract.

We are full of information, so all you need to do is ask us and we will be more than happy to answer your questions and give you the necessary information for your reference. We have been in the gulet charter business for quite some time, so our expertise is available in order to help you make an educated decision about which style of gulet charter to explore for your holidays at sea.

We would like it to be as special as possible for you.

To inquire:

You can fill out the forms located on each gulet details page;

Fill out the form on the contact page located at the turkyacht.com website.


By contacting us, you will be helping us in determining the most suitable options for a gulet cruise.

The Procedure

How it Works

1. Choose a gulet or gulets – or make a shortlist. Let us know.

2. Tell us what your expectations are. What do you want to do on your gulet holiday?

3. Establish a budget.

4. Once the first 3 parts are confirmed. Read through the contract that we send to you. If all is acceptable please sign and send to our office.

5. Send the agreed deposit amount to our company bank account.

6. The next step is to fill out the PREFERENCE LIST. We need this to be filled out so that

we can prepare your gulet and holiday according to your information.

7. We send you a confirmation.

8. If you require airport transfer, please inform us in advance.

9. Upon your arrival, the remaining balance of your holiday is due, in cash at our office;

or a bank wire transfer prior to your arrival. If you use internet banking, bank wire payment can be made upon your arrival as well.


Which countries do the gulet cruises go to?

Turk Yacht offers two counties of choice; Turkey and Greece. The pre-arranged itineraries comprise of various combinations from places such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gulf of Gokova, Kekova, Datca, Hisaronu, and Gocek in Turkey. While these are the major ports, visits to charming little villages, other bays and hidden coves in between are also inclusive to the itineraries. The Greek Island itineraries include the islands in the North Dodecanese; Rhodes, Kos, Symi, Gyali, Nysiros, Patmos, Tilos, Leros, Lipsi, and Kalimnos.

Both the Greek Islands and the lovely towns, bays, and villages in Turkey can be combined to offer an itinerary organized for two countries. The combinations are endless!

Can Guests make up their own  Itineraries?

This is the beauty of gulet cruises. The itineraries are quite flexible. All itineraries can be discussed with your gulet charter agent and they can then contact the captain to find out if it is feasible. Why you may ask. The captain is there for the best interest of both the guests and the crew and knows the waters quite well; therefore he/she must be certain that the weather conditions are acceptable to travel to those particular destinations in and around the arranged dates booked by the guests.

However even though an itinerary may be established prior to disembarkation, it can be changed, provided that the conditions are right. Guests may wish to stay at one particular town, city, bay or island longer than a day or few hours; or change the itinerary to head to a different place of interest. The gulet cruises are somewhat of an adventure trip. Sometimes spontaneity is the way to go. But all in all it is wise to discuss ideas with the captain as he/she will know the best or most popular or not so popular (quiet) places to visit.