Dalyan, is a gift which given by nature


Dalyan is a town which is in Ortaca, Mugla city. It is located on a conjunctive canal between Mediterrenean and Koycegiz lake. The place that Dalyan canal reaches sea, is Iztuzu beach. Beach is 12 km far away from Dalyan. It is one of the beaches that caretta carettas leave their eggs. Thus, there is no building except changing rooms. It is one of the best beaches with sandy beach, crystal clear water and sea. You should be careful of tables during the beach side. It is important for protecting caretta carettas’ eggs.

Delikli island is a must seen place in Dalyan. Its name comes from two holes on it, island also has a lighthouse. It is an island for yachts which could not enter the canal and anchor there.

Dalyan is famous for mud-baths. There are four active sources that using for mud bath. These mud-baths also good medicine for your health. Moreover, it is preffered  by visitors to have enjoyable moments. Besides people who come to Dalyan for holiday, these mud-baths are preffered by people who join daily tours from nearby cities.

Antic Kaunos city, Kaya cemetery, Thermal springs ve Iztuzu beaches are must seen places in Dalyan. Besides daily tour visitors, Dalyan is also preffred by those who join in blue cruise tours.

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