Cunda Island


There are many places that may be seen for natural beauties and holiday resorts in Turkey. One of them is Cunda island which is a region of Balikesir, Ayvalik. Cunda is the fourth big island of Turkey. Other name of it is Alibey island. Moreover, it is neigbor with Midilli island.

Ther are old Rum houses, churches and cloisters in island. Most population of island is become people who came from Midilli and Girit islands in  1924. Especially, old population  can speak romaic and greek. Island which is very calm in winter, may be crowded in summer.

People who have holiday in Cunda, may enjoy the sea and see the historical arts of island. There are many alternatives for people who have holiday in island. You may say hello to the day with Aegean breakfast with your loved ones or to do walks in streets of island. Architecture of island will accompany you during the walking in streets.

After having dinner in restaurants which have Greek cuisine, you may drink a hot coffee in Tas coffee shop . There is fresh tea option for those who does not like coffee. Coffees in that shop, are made in special kind of device which is called dibek in Turkish. It is offered visitors by elected after at stone. When you talk about Cunda, you should not mention the fish restaurant seaside. You should try Papalina fish which special to island.

Connection of the island, may be done by seaway or road. Connection road is done by a bridge which was made in 1896. Cunda island offers you unforgettable moments with naturel beauties and architecture.

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