Canakkale Bozcaada


Bozcaada is the third biggest island of Turkey which is very popular. Island that hosted many civilizations in the past, has a strategic position. When you visit the island, you are able to see effects of different cultures. Bozcaada is an island of Canakkale city. Transportation in island is done by ferry boats and ferries.

Most source of living of the island is wine production. Moreover, fishery and tourism are most popular in recent years.

Beaches of islands are available for swimming. Ayazma beach is most popular one with its sandy and crystal clear water. Bozcaada castle is a must seen place in island. Moreover, Greek and Turkish houses must seen in island. Most of these houses are used for resting. They are one of the cheap accommodation options in island.

Bozcaada is preffered by those who would like to have a calm holiday. It can be a good option for those who would like to stay with nature. Island offers good options to visitors by foods and cuisine.

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