Blue Cruises With Popular Gulets

Yacht and gulet charter is very popular for blue cruise tours in recent years. Gulets are made carefully with Turkish labor by using durable wood materials for blue tour programs. Gulets which don’t search comfort of hotel are designed to meet the needs throughout journey. Going blue cruises with yacht and gulet charter give service with quality service and expert staff.

All necessary measures are tried to take for unexpected situation during blue cruise in the luxury gulet charter. Today, many charter luxury gulets use lastest system technology. Charter gulets have many options ranging from economy to luxury. According to gulets feature is changed service with charter price and interior design. Your preference is shaped according to purchasing power and your enjoyment.

Today, luxury gulets aren’t only preferred for blue cruise tours. People who want to make holiday and not to break away from their job can find an opportunity for making business meeting in the charter gulet. While new married couples choose it for honeymoons, it is also preferred by couples who want to celebrate a wedding anniversay. Yacht and gulet charter give service for invitations and meetings.

Turkyacht yacht and gulet charter arrange tours to both Mediterranean bays and Aegean bays. We have blue cruise programs with charter luxury gulets to Greek islands in recent years. You can find information about luxury gulet fleets from our website. We try to give service to meet your needs with charter gulet.

It’s important to take the technical features of the gulet that you will charter for a blue cruise and the quality of personal into account. Nobody wants to end the vacation, which exhilarate you in the beginning , badly. You must care that the company that you charter gulet from and the gulets must be renewed.

The blue cruise tours start in April and maintains October. The busiest time is summer. Especially August and July are the busiest months. The ones planning to join to blue cruise tours can benefit from the early reservation opportunities.  In the busiest months they can join to tours whenever they want.