Blue Cruise Tours by Luxury Gulets

Gulets are wooden yachts which were used for fishery and freight shipment in the recent past. Modern-day gulets which are used for blue cruise, have full equipments. They are made by Turk  hand-workmanship. They are designed to give response all guests’ needs.

In recent years, gulet charter blue cruise tours are becoming more popular. Besides having enjoyable moments, you are also able to discover new places. Blue cruise tours are preffered by those who would like to enjoy the sea and sun. In these days, many luxury gulets have hotel comfort. Luxury gulet charter prices depend on yacht size and features. There are many options that is ranging from economic to luxury. There are many gulets which suitable for your budget and pleasure.

Gulet charter blue cruise tours can be for one, two weeks or it can be depend on your choice. At least one week is recommend for those who would like to enjoy blue cruise. Besides chartering a private yacht by creating your own group, you are also able to charter a private cabin if you are alone. In private yacht charter, you have chance to determine your route.

There are many coves that must seen with gulet charter blue cruise. There are blue cruise for different routes. These tours can be for Greek Islands or Aegean and Mediterrenean coves. If you have chance to determine your own route, you should contact the company. If you inform them what kind of a holiday you like, they will help you.

Turkyacht offers blue cruise pleasure many local and foreign visitors with expert staff. Our yachts are suitable for your budget and pleasure. Please visit our website for luxury yacht fleet and most preffered routes.