Blue Cruise Adventure in Fethiye

Every blue cruise tour is an adventure for sea lovers. Blue cruise by Fethiye yacht charter is a pleasure for those who are sea lovers. Every voyage means  discovering new  things which you have never done before. All shades of blue hosts visitors at every turn.

You have already had an adventure by chartering your yacht . There are some people who have never done it before. Nature hosts you with its all shades of blue and green. Fethiye coves look well like a new bride. You are able to go on a blue cruise  by Fethiye yacht charter and  witness all  beauties.

Turkyacht organizes blue cruise tours by Fethiye yacht charter every season. Blue cruise tours begins in April and ends in October. Blue cruise tours have high demand especially in July and August . Blue cruise tours  attract people in these months when the sun warms us. Besides Aegean and Mediterrenean coves,there are Greek islands blue cruise tours as well.You can find all the information you need about route programmes  and luxury gulets on our website. We have been trying to give quality services to you by our expert staff and yachts which are renewed ever year.

You may have chance for a silent and comfortable  holiday by chartering a luxury yacht in coves which are surrounded with natural beauty. You may have already planned your holiday. You  may have already  decided the journey date and yacht. You can find chance to go on blue cruise  whenever you want by early booking.

After choosing your yacht,you will be informed about some details. The information will be reminded to you before boarding. These rules are important for you and for your safety on board. The holiday pleasure will not be interrupted by following these rules.

You may find tastes which are good for your  palatal delight. You can find chance to witness the history and taste which have different cultures.