Blue Cruise

Everybody finds a personal answer to this question; Some say it is resting, others say its discovering nature and some say it is spending some time on the sea.

In reality the ‘Blue Cruise’ is all of them and even more. “Blue Cruise” is living the best sun set possible.  Tasting freshly catch sea food and the chosen traditional dishes, taking pleasure of the fruits and alcohol. It is the chance to read the book you didn’t have the chance to read before and loosing yourself in it. It is walking on the deserted beaches at sunset with the one you love, rolling in the sand and throwing yourself in the cool water.

‘Blue Cruise’ takes you to the Aegean, South Of Turkey and Amazing Greek islands coasts . Beaches you can swim, fish, do water sports and visit archeological sites accessible only by boat. Blue cruise will be a big opportunity to discover the unspoiled character and culture of this part of the world. A chance to have an unforgettable memory. Any one who participated to a blue cruise before absolutely comes back to relive the vacation .