Blue Cruise

When you look at the past of blue cruise, it began in 1950’s as short trips by Halikarnas Fishermen and his friends. On the other hand, beginning of the 1980’s, it was shaped as blue cruise tours in tourism. Blue cruise tours have become more popular after then. Increasing the number of the yachts and attractive tour options have been paid attention many local and foreign tourists.

There are many sufficient coves for blue cruise in our country. Shipbuilding yard which is very developed in our country, there are many luxury charter yachts. Besides comfortable charter yachts, there are also many yachts which are updated every year. Blue cruise tours can be for between 5 and 15 days. Many luxury yachts are designed as hotel comfort in these days. Gulets are luxury wooden yachts which have wide product range is ranging from economic to luxury.

Besides there are private yachts which are chartered with your friends, there are also cabin charter options for those who would like to be alone. You may determine the route and decide the menu in private yacht charter option.

Blue cruise tours can be for Aegean and Mediterrenean coves, moreover Greek Islands are very popular recently. While enjoying the sea and sun, you are also able to have enjoyable moments in blue cruise. Besides doing alternative water sports, you may join night life in visited coves.

Turkyacht has been trying to give best quality blue cruise services in line with your requirements by expert staff and renewed yachts. Please visit our website to get more informations about the luxury yacht fleet and blue cruise routes.

There are some rules that must be followed  to have fun during the blue cruise. Those rules are important for you and your friends safety. Those rules will be reminded you before blue cruise.