Balıkesir, Erdek


Erdek is town of Balikesir city which was established in B.C. Town which looks like open air museum, hosts many visitors with sea and warm climate. Most of tourists are coming from close towns. Erdek which has beautiful beaches of Turkey, offers enjoyable holiday to visitors.

Erdek is famous for olive and olive oil except tourism. When you come to Erdek, you are able to swim, sunbathe and enjoy well. It is able to join yacht tours, diving clubs and taste turkish shortbread. Zeytinli island, Seyit Gazi hill, Kapidag, Kyzikos are must places in Erdek. Centre of town and villages are good for swimming. You may have rest, enjoy, do nature walks and discover during the holiday.

Besides yacht tours that we mentioned above all, there are blue cruise tours that are preffered too much in recent. It is able to enjoy sea and sun, witness all beauties of nature in tours that are for one or two weeks. Luxury gulets are most preffered options in blue cruise tours. Gulets which are modernized today, offers you an enjoyable holiday option. If you prefer private yacht charter, it is able to choose what route you want. Luxury gulets are designed for your comfort. There are many options that ranging from economic to luxury.

Turkyacht has organized many blue cruise tours especially in Marmaris. Moreover Datca, Fethiye, Gocek, Bodrum and Greek Islands..Blue cruise lasts for six months. It begins in April and lasts until October. Summer months are most preffered in blue cruise.