Balikesir, Altinoluk


Altinoluk is a holiday resort where is in Edremit, Balikesir city. Besides naturel beauties, it has old past that lived Sogutlu Yoruks there.

It is able to see historical buildings that are belonged to Greeks and Ottoman Empire. In 1991, it was proclaimed archaeological site so, there are only thirty six officially registered buildings in Altinoluk. Antandros antic city is located in city.

Altinoluk is preffered by many people especially in summer because of its calm nature and historical streets. Travellers may swim at crystal clear sea and to do nature walks in streets. Kazdagi National Park which is located on sea side of city, mostly preffered by nature walkers. It is one of the most popular holiday resorts  preffred by those who would like to have a little bit nature, history and sea in their holidays.

Altinoluk where offers all shades of green 365 days of a year, hosts visitors with plane trees and fresh oxygen air. Moreover, mineral waters and crystal clear sea are different beauties. History of city is based on Otoman Empire, thus it is able to see many historical buildings in Altinoluk.

Fishing and olive cultivation are means of living in city except tourism. Its olive oil and olives are must tried tastes in Altinoluk. It is one of the best holiday resorts where offers visitors new tastes and beauties at the same time.

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