Aydin; The Natural Town of Didim is Akbuk

Akbuk is one of the worth-seeing natural resorts in Aegean. It is among the places which those who want the silence and calmness on their holidays can prefer. There is the blue flag beach in Akbuk which has a long coastline. The town has lots of forest area and greenness. It supplies comfort to the visitors with its nature which hasn’t been ruined. Akbuk Cove has the natural marina character. And it is also very convenient for the yacht tourism.

When you go to Akbuk for holiday, you can have the opportunity tasting lots of the various fish. There are the worth-seeing historical and natural places in Akbuk. Saplı Island and Kömür Island are natural protected areas. Greek Church which especially foreign tourists are interested in is among the most important historic structures of Akbuk. Historic Su Cistern is a work which had been built in Greeks period. Şapel is a structure which has existed from Rome period until today and is a secret temple. Akbük Cove where each kind of the marine sports are done has the clear marines.
Akbuk supplies a holiday opportunity that its visitors will be able to swim in its clear marines plenty and they will be able to do each kind of the marine sports. Especially its surroundings is very convenient for the yacht tourism.
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