Are there any better ways to explore the Turkish

Are there any better ways to explore the Turkish coastline in the Mediterranean Sea than sailing on board a charter gullet for an 8 Day TurkYacht Sailing trip? Well we didn’t think so when we first booked our trip and hopefully our review will help you choose your next adventure too. Booking through TurkYacht proved to be really easy and they were wonderful to deal with. We especially like that you can go on the Turkyacht website and see where you can sail and which gullets are avaliable. Log into their website and take a look. Although we stayed in Fethiye, TurkYacht have stations dotted all along the Turkish coast, including Bodrum, Marmaris and Bozburun.

Our trip was from Saturday afternoon to the following Saturday morning, from Fethiye to numerous Greek islands we had selected online. Our last night brought us back to the docks in Fethiye harbour, where we spent the remainder of our holiday. Our charter yacht was a traditional two-masted wooden sailing vessel, had a crew of three and slept about 16 guests on board. As a couple, my wife and I had our own double bed in a room with an ensuite. The rooms are spacious, which is good if you want to relax under the air conditioning and watch a bit of tv in the evenings.  The mornings would usually begin slowly with the Captain getting an early start driving us to another bay along the Turkish coastline. As we would all slowly emerge on to the deck into the bright sunlight we would be dropping anchor somewhere new for our breakfast usually around 8.30am. Our destinations included Kos, Leros, Lipsi, Patmos and Kalimnos. We specifically wanted to visit these islands because they were quieter and smaller (with the exception of Kos, of course), and we were keen to discover islands untainted by tourism. The afternoons would be spent visiting the small villages of the islands or go exploring the shoreline from the water. For a couple of hours we relaxed on deck with a good book in hand. Once it got too hot for us to lie out in the sun we spent the time diving off the boat and cooling off in the pristine turquoise waters. Evenings would usually consist of watching the sun go down from an old tavern with a plate of traditional food and some cold beers. We couldn’t get any more relaxed if we tried! We went away with some faboulous memories, having seen some beautiful sites, and hope to return next spring.