Gulet Charter vs Hotels, Motoryachts/Sailing Yachts and Cruise Liners!

Gulet charter vs. Hotel vacation:

Every day different destination, bay, beach, place – And you will not have to go there with from one bus to another.

You have many more possible options than the hotel pool on your charter gulet.

No other loud stranger people around you. Enjoy being alone or with your family/best friends, or lover!

No need for an all-you-can-eat buffet. Eat your meal at different local restaurants, find out tens of delicious food, and enjoy the amazing sight.

Gulet Charter vs. Motoryacht/sailing yacht:

Much comfortable and bigger cabins, saloon, deck. 

The professional crew is ready to serve you when you need it. 

You can sail without getting tired.

Gulet Charter vs. Huge Cruise Liners:

You can anchor on bays and jump to water from your gulet. 

You can visit small bays.

You can only put your swimsuit on during all your holiday if you wish so.

 No crowded people in every place you get.

Gulets vs. Renting own private villa

Every day you will have a chance to see a different place on a gulet charter.

On a gulet, you have a crew for doing all your wishes.

You will not have to walk to the beach every day.

Yachts for Charter
La Bella Vita-2023-156
47 m
6 cabins
12 guests
rate from EUR 5500 per day
38 m
6 cabins
12 guests
rate from EUR 5000 per day
40 m
10 cabins
20 guests
rate from EUR 5000 per day
45 m
8 cabins
16 guests
rate from EUR 7500 per day
40 m
6 cabins
12 guests
rate from EUR 7000 per day
36 m
6 cabins
12 guests
rate from EUR 3800 per day