Foca is the natural pearl of Izmir


Foca is one of the most popular holiday resorts that has undisturbed nature and history. Actually, undisturbed nature and blue sea makes Foca popular holiday resort. It is able to swim everywhere of sea.

There are so many  historical buildings and natural beauties in town that was founded in antic eras. There are so many activities that travellers may do. It is preffered by those who would like to enjoy in their holidays. Festival that are done every year, makes town more popular. International Foca Festival lasts for 3 days and hosts many local and foreign visitors.

Siren rocks is must seen place in Foca.  Nearly extinct Mediterranean monk seal lives there. This area is under guard, so it is forbidden to hunt seals and to enter sea. It is able to watch these seals from far away. Islands and coves are must seen places and naturel beauties.

Ceneviz and Bes Kapilari castles are must seen historical places. Moreover, there are old stone houses and bazaar in Old Foca. Phokia antic city, Foca evil bathhouse and Foca dis castle are must seen places in Foca.

Foca hosts visitors in winter not only in summer. It is one of holiday resorts that preffered by those who would like to embrace nature and history. Because of much winds, the weather is always clear and fresh. It is one of the most common coves that chosen by those who prefer blue cruise in holiday.

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