Fascinating Country: Turkey

A truly fascinating country, Turkey is blessed with tremendous natural beauty, the richness of culture, and a vibrancy borne of its unique geographical positioning at the junction of East and West People from all corners of the globe are drawn to Turkey – enticed by the colors of cities such as Istanbul, the cultural capital of Turkey with its soaring minarets and Byzantine treasures and by strange and captivating landscapes such as Cappadocia. Others still are drawn by the beauty of the Turquoise Coast, that much-indented coastline stretching from Bodrum to Antalya, famous for its lively nightspots as much as for its turquoise-colored waters. Turkyacht gulet/yacht charter.

There is nothing quite as satisfying as a week spent cruising on a sea of iridescent blue. . . leisurely laying anchor in all-but-deserted coves where the smell of fragrant pines fill the air and bees hurry between the last of the springs wildflowers.

Where the distant sound of wandering goat-bells tumbles down forested hillsides to meld with the gentle lapping of the sea on the shore. Where the only remnants of last night’s deck party are the two pairs of brass finger cymbals souvenir by one of the ladies on board.

This is as peaceful as life can get – dramatic scenery, windswept ancient ruins, friendly locals and mouth-watering cuisine prepared to your liking as just some of the highlights.

And if you want to get active, we will show you how to get the most out of your holiday time with non-stop fun and adventure including exciting nightlife, journeys off the beaten track, and colorful shopping expeditions in open-air bazaars. Swim, snorkel, paraglide, raft, trek, kayak, ride horses, explore ruins above water and below and take in a Turkish bath experience, all in the space of a week.

Yachts for Charter
30.5 m
9 cabins
18 guests
rate from EUR 2000 per day
32 m
11 cabins
20 guests
rate from EUR 2800 per day
42,9 m
6 cabins
12 guests
rate from EUR 10000 per day
35 m
5 cabins
10 guests
rate from EUR 4350 per day
27 m
4 cabins
8 guests
rate from EUR 1750 per day
La Bella Vita-2023-156
47 m
6 cabins
12 guests
rate from EUR 5500 per day