Family adventure holidays Turkey

A gulet charter for the whole family is the perfect idea to get the family closer together, and a very welcomed change to the usual full-time employment of children in the house and the internet! The hands-on strategy for all family members on board our yacht is a unique experience which will benefit all family members for years to come.


Social competence is exercised; essential bonds between family members develop stronger resulting additional confidence and deeper friendships. Best Family Holidays in Turkey. Enjoy the beauty of nature, passing by islands and other where we anchor. True stunning images and impressions there are to discover for you, and a stunning beautiful underwater world to top it all. Countless shared adventures and unforgettable moments are waiting for you!

Imagine your kids wake up and get a healthy breakfast aboard the gulet, and help then to put the captain of the gulet to stretch linen and even during the navigation of the sailing route. After the boat is anchored, there is a lot of time to explore the clear shores on a stand-up paddle board or canoe to explore.

This family adventure holiday is tailored to your personal preferences, and will make your children or teenager a group of happy sailors! Our family sailing trips provide valuable experience, far away from the everyday life, coupled with fun and responsibility. Our goal is to give you a long-lasting impression. We are confident that this will not be difficult given all the possibilities available.