Known for its natural beauty, historic sites, sparkling sea, and the focal point of a greenhouse, Demre indeed is famous! Rejoice in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea, located between the mountains and foothills of Demre from your charter gulet , and the sweet smell of spring flowers, lemon, and orange . The children in the city bear traces of the Lycian civilization are regarded as the protectors of the seas. St. Nicholas’s Church is regarded as the most important place to visit. Thousands of tourists visit the church every year to behold the mosaics, vaulted halls, chambers, and experience acoustic phonetics. You can stand at the bottom of the stage door of the tunnel and say a word and your partner can hear it at the very mouth of the tunnel!

Located a few kilometers away from the town of Demre, Myra is a city that seems to be set into the rocks overlooking the sea. Perhaps it is the best example of its kind in Anatolia! Spread over a large area, having tombs and Lycian inscriptions dating back to BC 5, Myra appears to be an ancient city. Under the Byzantine rule, especially in the 4th and 5th centuries AD, it has now become such a religious and administrative center.

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Yachts for Charter
30.5 m
9 cabins
18 guests
rate from EUR 2000 per day
32 m
11 cabins
20 guests
rate from EUR 2800 per day
42,9 m
6 cabins
12 guests
rate from EUR 10000 per day
35 m
5 cabins
10 guests
rate from EUR 4350 per day
27 m
4 cabins
8 guests
rate from EUR 1750 per day
La Bella Vita-2023-156
47 m
6 cabins
12 guests
rate from EUR 5500 per day