Deluxe Gulet Yacht Charter

Gulet/Yacht charters are preferred by those who would like to move away from a crowded city and have a joyful holiday experience. It has been getting more popular every year. After planning to go on a yacht charter, you should decide the date you will go and which yacht/gulet you will rent.

People who would like to go on a gulet charter with a group of friends or loved ones should prefer a private yacht charter. On the other hand, people who would like to go on a yacht charter with a friend or alone should prefer the private cabin charter option.

Charter company’s safety and professionalism are very important for a trouble-free deluxe yacht/gulet charter. You should get service from an expert company for your safety. If you inform the company officials of your requests, plans and about your budget, charter company staff will help you. Gulets are the most preferred yachts for charters. Yachts/Gulets are generally chartered for one week. People who would like to stay for more than one week should inform the charter company official.

Yacht/gulet charter begins in April and lasts in October. It is done within 6 months. July and August are mostly preferred months. There are two types of accommodation. These are full board and all-inclusive. Early booking is good for yacht options.

The difference between these two types of accommodation is foods and drinks. It offers to see pearly white coves of Mediterranean and Aegean with a yacht, gulet charter.

As Turkyacht we help you from the beginning to the end of having a memorable deluxe yacht charter. We are trying to give the best quality service with our experts and staff. Please visit our website for destinations and deluxe gulet charter.

Yachts for Charter
35 m
5 cabins
10 guests
rate from EUR 4350 per day
27 m
4 cabins
8 guests
rate from EUR 1750 per day
La Bella Vita-2023-156
47 m
6 cabins
12 guests
rate from EUR 5500 per day
38 m
6 cabins
12 guests
rate from EUR 5000 per day
40 m
10 cabins
20 guests
rate from EUR 5000 per day
45 m
8 cabins
16 guests
rate from EUR 7500 per day