Cabin Charter Options in Blue Cruise Tours

Blue cruise tours which are very popular recently, can been joined by alone or with friends. You may join a tour by creating your own group or if you are alone, it is possible to charter a private cabin. Charter cabins are not so big but they have many facilities for giving response passengers’ needs.

Cabin charter is one of the most preffered cabin charter options within Marmaris, Bodrum, Göcek and Fethiye. If you are planning to go on blue cruise by alone, you may find chance to charter cabin with cabin charter Fethiye. You may join an available tour and make new friends from different cultures.

Charter cabin is belonged to you in cabin charter Fethiye and the common areas are shared with other passengers. Thus, you should be careful about the hygiene and cleaning rules. There are some rules that must be followed by passengers during the blue cruise. Please do not bring so many clothes with you.

If you have touchy situation, you should share it with us. Please do not forget to bring your drugs. If you have an allergic to something, please inform us about it. Water in yachts are  limited, so please use it carefully. Please do not bring so many valuable article but if you have to, you should take care  for protecting them. You should be careful about protecting valuable articles not  in private yacht tours but in cabin tours. Smoking is an another important issue. Please only smoke in places that  are separated by smoking. All those rules will be reminded you before going on blue cruise. If you have questions in your mind, please ask to staff to get more informations.