Cabin Charter in Bodrum Blue Cruise Tours

If you are planning to go on a blue cruise in your next summer holiday or you are not able to create your own group, there is an opportunity to charter a private cabin with a friend or alone.  You may treat oneself with cabin charter Bodrum. Besides visiting beautiful coves, you are also able to make new friends from different nations.

In cabin charter Bodrum tours, accommodation is generally full board. In full board, only extra alcohol drinks are not included. Charter cabins for two people. You may go on a blue cruise with your loved ones or alone. If you charter the cabin by alone, there may be reduction in the price. The routes are determined in cabin charter Bodrum. Routes are determined, in case there is a problem in safety.

Only charter cabin is belonged to you in blue cruise tours, other common areas are shared with other passengers. Thus, there are some binding rules. Before blue cruise tours, you should not bring so many clothes. Enegry source of the yacht is generator so you should be careful of electricity using, hygienic measures are important for using toilet and bath. Smokers must use closed areas. In many tours, bringing drinks and foods are not allowed from out. These rules are important for safety of yacht crew and passengers. Other rules which must be followed, will be reminded you before boarding.

Turkyacht offers blue cruise pleasure with cabin charter Bodrum tours. For more details please visit our website or call us. There is an opportunity for having a different holiday with different nations.

It is able to join different tours by chartering a cabin, you may give an unforgettable present to yourself. Blue cruise tours begins in April and it lasts until October. Summer months are very high season in blue cruise. If  you have blue cruise plans in summer holiday, you should book early.