Bodrum is more beautiful with blue cruise tours


Bodrum hosts many local and foreign visitors with its greeny forests, colorful night life and sea. Bodrum is one of the most popular holiday resorts. It is not only known in Turkey, it also world known town. First of  pearly whites admires you as soon as you come in Bodrum. Pearly white houses will host you as a new bride.

Bodrum is known for blue cruise tours except standart holiday options. Bodrum has known as the starting point of blue cruise tours. Halikarnas fisherman’s (Cevat Şakir Kabaağaç) yacht tours with his friends, has become today’s blue cruise tours.

Bodrum is also famous for shipyards where luxury gulets made in, preffered by yacht tours. Gulets are Turkish hand made  in Bodrum shipyards. There are so many options in gulets that are ranging from economic to luxury. Paralleling with equipments and luxury, renting prices will increase.

There is private yacht charter option for those who would like to go on blue cruise with  gulet charter Bodrum. It is able to enjoy sea and sun, also to see paradisian coves only reached by sea way. Besides tryig new tastes, it is also able to meet new cultures.

Turkyacht organizes blue cruise tours with gulet charter Bodrum. Before going on blue cruise, you should take an advice from a professional company. If you inform us about your dreams and request, we will definitely help you. Charter company should be professional and expert.

There are some rules  for you and your safety that must be followed during blue cruise. For enjoying blue cruise, there are some rules for those who given and gotten services. You are able to set sail for enjoyable blue cruise tours and add new ones to your travel notes.