Blue Cruise with Private yacht charter Options


Blue cruise has a special meaning for sea addicts. Embracing the sea, setting sail for new horizons..People who will go on blue cruise in this summer, should determine the date and route. Blue cruise offers to see new places and meet new cultures.

There are more than one charter options in private yacht charter. It is ranging from economic to luxury. Charter yachts are changing depend on your budget and pleasure. Charter yacht properties and comfort are changing depend on yachts. Today, many yahcts have hotel comfort.

If you inform the charter company how kind of a blue cruise you desire, they will definitely help you. If you would like to have a trouble free blue cruise, there are some rules  that must be followed by you. These rules will be reminded you by yacht crew before the blue cruise.

Gulets are most preffered ones in blue cruise tours. Gulets are wooden yachts. When the technology combines with the wood, it offers enjoyable moments. There are many options that are ranging from economic to luxury. Gulets offers you enjoyable moments.

Blue cruise is  getting more popular in our country so our yachts are as good as Europian yachts. Turkish wooden yachts are hand made.

Turkyacht offers beautiful hand made yachts to visitors. We have been working for your comfort. Our yachts are renewed at  every season ending. They are ready for the new season.